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Beside being a cheap gag toy, yo-yos have transformed into a high-forte game with many new features. From beginner to advanced levels, spinning yo-yos has become a skill that requires patience and time to perfect. There are many different types of yo-yos available in shops that make an excellent gift for a kid

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Yo-yos Buying Guide

Yo-yos belong to the category of classic toys that date back to the 1700s. Initially used for pure fun and entertainment purposes, the art of spinning yo-yos has gone through an unprecedented change. Factors like the different kinds of spinning techniques, rotational rates, tugs of spring, etc., decide how skilled a player is. Yo-yo is also a competitive sport in many corners of the world, for which competition-quality yo-yos get separately made. The subsequent buying guide aims to offer some of the most useful factors one should consider before purchasing a yo-yo.

Availability of many shape variants

Most yo-yos are generally available in the classic, original shape. It's an all-purpose shape that can cater to all kinds of yo-yo tricks. Also, it's the ideal choice for beginners. The other yo-yo shapes are primarily like the classic yo-yo only, but with a few design adjustments. The modified shape contains a slightly wider gap than in a standard yo-yo, making it perfect for performing looping tricks with long spin times. The butterfly or wing shape pretty much dominates the yo-yo market presently. It contains a much wider gap than any other shape and allows a player to try out the widest variety of tricks.

Making the right material choice

For a long time, wood was the only material used for making yo-yos. As times changed, the number and type of materials used for making yo-yos increased significantly. Polycarbonate plastic became one of the most common materials found in yo-yos. They are durable and sturdy and make an excellent gift for beginners. Metals (usually aluminium) are another material generally used for making advanced-level yo-yos. Since metal is a heavy material, it is not beneficial to start with a metal yo-yo as you can risk injuring yourself or others in the process of learning.

Additional ideal properties

While purchasing yo-yos, there are several features you need to check for the product's proper functioning. Polyester is generally the highly-recommended material for yo-yo strings. It's very soft, does not burn, and does not wear out for a long time. Responsiveness is another essential element to consider. In simple terms, the factor responsiveness determines how fast the yo-yo will come back to your hand upon throwing. It's best to use a reasonably responsive yo-yo to avoid too much effort while playing when starting. There are unresponsive yo-yos also available in the market. They are mainly for advanced players who know how to perform the best tricks with a yo-yo's long spin time.

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