Top 12 3D Printer Accessories

The technology has brought 3D printing into existence. The process of 3D printing involves the creation of a three-dimensional object from a file in digital format. This process is also known as the additive process because it puts layers of material to create the 3D object. A 3D printer carries out the complete procedure.

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3D Printer Accessories Buying Guide

This printer requires many accessories to complete the process of 3D printing. Selecting an appropriate accessory for the 3D printing procedure is a tricky process. Please look at these accessories and tips for selecting the best ones for you in the following article.

Filament and its container

The first accessory is the filament, which is a building material of the 3D printing process. It comes in different varieties; some of the most frequently used types are mentioned here. First is the polylactic acid filament, which is biodegradable, simple, and stiff, but sensitive to moisture. Next, is the ABS filament having features like shock resistance, heat resistance, and durability. The nylon filament is used in the textile industry because of its flexibility and strength.

Digital caliper and print beds

The 3D printing involves a lot of measurements and hence requires a digital caliper for the same. The caliper helps in giving precise measurements, in turn improving the accuracy. The first layer of the 3D model is very important, and it requires a smooth and rigid bed surface. You can either go with a borosilicate glass bed that can handle extremely high temperatures or with a heat bed sticker. The printing can be done directly on the surface.

Removal tools, pliers, and carving tools

A spatula is used as the removal tool. It is available in different sizes so that you can use the right one for your object. The spatula also prevents the damaging of the item. The plier is needed to reach the tricky areas of the printer to remove jams, if any. You need a set of carving tools for giving a smooth finish to the final product. Other products used for 3D printing are acetone, masking tapes, glues, tweezers. You can also use a 3D scanner for creating accurate models.