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Providing water beings with the right ambiance is essential for them to survive. Not only that, but it also makes the tank appear attractive as it comes in several forms and colors. Each type provides a different environment to the fish. Its work doesn't end here as it serves several other purposes as well. The colorful pebbles give a nest to the essential bacteria as well.

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Aquarium Gravel Buying Guide

Aquarium gravel is a necessary tank accessory as it has got several functional utilities. A tank with missing gravel might need to change its water more often. Why take the extra headache when one could easily avoid it? Aquarium gravels are essential to keep the tank atmosphere healthy for the fish. But what are the different specs that one should look for in these items? With such a wide range of varieties, one needs the right buying guide to narrow down their choices. 

What is the amount of gravel the tank needs?

Every brand would provide different quantities of gravel in a single package. It all comes down to the mother fact that is how much pebbles do the tank need? Tanks that hold around 50 gallons of water would do well with a gravel layer of 2 inches. However, a tank that contains more than that would need a layer of at least 3 inches or more. These would ensure that the tank's environment is healthy with a proper ratio of water is to pebbles. 

Types of gravels available in the market

There are several variants of gravels that are available in the market. If one needs a layer of pebbles that could replace sands, the river gravels will work wonders. Moreover, rocks come in different colors, as well. Buyers could opt for aquarium gravels that come in a single color too. The colors of the item depend on the consumer. Sometimes all one wants is to highlight their pet fish's color. To ensure that the gravels do not steal the limelight, one could opt for black gravels. It is essential to know that each of these gravels has a different setting time. 

What should one be aware of?

Before buying aquarium gravels, checking out the pros and cons of each type is crucial. Some pebbles might produce a lot of dust, and sometimes one could even notice plastic pieces in the gravels. When using a particular type of gravel, ensure the water is cleaned often as some stones might put a black layer over the water surface. Cloudiness in the water could be the next significant factor, and some might even lose its color. One should note all the points as mentioned earlier and then go for purchasing the aquarium gravels.

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