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People love to have an aquarium in their homes and workplaces. The aquarium is treated as a decorative item and is showcased at the reception of many organizations. Many do believe that placing an aquarium brings luck. The aquatic plants and animals displayed in the aquarium look beautiful. The appealing aquarium needs time to time maintenance and proper substances to help aquatic plants and animals' living.

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Aquarium Substrate Buying Guide

The aquarium tank requires a specific material called substrate to reside at the bottom of the tank. This substrate is responsible for filtration, water chemistry, and the well-being of the inhabitants of the aquarium. The beauty of the tank also relies upon the kind of substrate present in it. You need to know about the type of water in the tank before buying a substrate. Follow the underlying buying guide to expect a satisfactory buying experience.


The substrate selection depends on the water, whether it is for a freshwater tank or a saltwater tank. Observation has proven that the substrate can affect the quality of water and the health of the system; hence a conscious decision must be taken before making the purchase. The substrates dark in color are suitable for fishes as they display more colorfully. The planted tanks need a substrate that remains loose and helps the plant's roots penetrate, whereas a breeding tank requires marbles allowing the eggs to fall into the gaps between the marbles.

Choose the correct type

Different types of substrates are available in the market, including gravel, minerals, shells, corals, peat, sand, and leaves. The aquarium with freshwater can go with the gravel type, but the stone should not be sharp. The gravel should be chemically inert so that it does not affect the water. For the tanks containing hard water species, the best type is the shells and corals because their primary component is calcium carbonate, which increases the hardness of the water. It would be best to go for peat for a soft water aquarium, a decomposed plant matter, because of its smooth texture.

Size and color

The size of the substrate is essential because of many reasons. Different fishes require different sized substrates present in the tank. For example, some fishes scoop the substrate in their mouth, and hence small substrate like sand is not suitable for them, whereas some fishes love to make homes using the substrate, and so large-sized substrate won't be fit for them. You need to figure out which type of aquatic animals are present in your aquarium. Many colors are available for substrate, and it's a personal choice, so you can go for the one which suits your aquarium.

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