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Aquarium Test Kits help maintain water quality in a fish tank, which is essential for the fish's wellbeing. The kits come in various styles and can be used to test for different parameters. Choosing the right one depends on the level of convenience, the parameter being tested, the type of fish, etc.

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API Aquarium Test Kit

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Seachem Ammonia Alert

  • Overall Score: 8.3
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Stability 250ml

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Aquarium Test Kits Buying Guide

Fish can make for lovely and convenient pets. The main problem is that they are sensitive, especially when it comes to the fish tank's water quality. Excess of some chemicals can be detrimental to the fish's health and ultimately lead to their death. Therefore, it is vital to regularly check the water quality for the fish's health and wellbeing.

A convenient solution

The most common method to monitor water quality in a fish tank is to use Aquarium Test Kits. There are convenient, easy to use, and are widely available. There are different types of such kits currently available. One can choose the right one based on the level of convenience they require, the parameters being monitored, whether it is salt or freshwater, the type of aquatic pet, etc.

Test strips

These are some of the most straightforward testing tools currently available and are quite popular with most people who own fish as pets. A test strip is generally used to measure the pH value of water, and it gives owners a good idea of the quality of the water. A neutral pH, which is around 7, is most desirable; pH less than or more than seven, is harmful.

Test strips are also available based on the type of water. Both fresh and saltwater fish are popular pets; therefore, both fresh and saltwater test strips are provided.

Test kits to measure specific parameters

Aquarium Test Kits are considered much more accurate than strips. Various kits are available which measure different parameters. Kits specific to measuring the water's pH, and the content of chlorine, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite, phosphate, calcium, and other metals, are available.

Test kits specific to species

People can have a variety of aquatic life as pets. Different species might have specific requirements and varying tolerance levels to contaminants in the water. Hence, providers also offer Aquarium Test Kits particular to each species.

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