Top 12 Artificial Topiaries

Everyone loves a touch of nicely trimmed topiary for decorative purposes. As they are available in different shapes and styles, it can be hard to choose the perfect one. As a living architecture piece, a perfectly cut topiary looks spectacular and gives a flawless look for your space, depending on the location.

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Artificial Topiaries Buying Guide

The artificial topiary is excellent for both indoor and outdoor space. Taking a closer look, it often comes in different sizes and designs. One of the first things to consider while buying artificial topiaries is for the shape you're interested in. It can range in many styles, from ornamental topiary balls to tree-shaped topiaries. They can be strategically arranged to fit the dimension at the entrances or decks.

Indoor Topiary and Outdoor Topiary

The main difference between both is that they are prepared with durable materials that suit the environment. For outdoor topiaries, the unique addition of UV protection is added to ensure that it does not fade away in the sunlight. One thing to remember is that indoor topiaries are delicate and must not be exposed to outdoor elements.

Topiary Height & Width

The height and width of a topiary purely depend on the place users like to narrow down. It is available till 15 feet. It's better to check the list in finding the ideal height and width as they come in different sizes. If height does not matter, customers can look and leave it unchecked. According to the tree's weight, you can narrow it down to standard pots or decorative pots.

Types of Artificial Topiaries

As topiaries are made to look like real ones, it is essential to consider the trunks, branches, leaves and check if everything looks exactly like natural counterparts. There are dozens of specialties to choose from, such as boxwood topiaries, cedar topiaries, and many more. Depending on personal taste, customers can find visually appealing ones from artificial topiary types.

Various Uses of Artificial Topiaries

Artificial topiaries have a long list of applications. People worldwide use it as stationary in the backyard or the home and at social gatherings and wedding receptions. With the right shape and style, topiaries can ensure a beguiling decorative plant in the events.

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