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In the chemistry labs or places where pipes are used, the need for a hose barb is often observed. The hose barb is a bump or a ridge-like structure on the fitting whose aim is to grip the tube's inside diameter. It seals the connection between the fitting and the tube. These barbed hose fittings are predominantly used in the flexible tubing process.

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Barbed Hose Fittings Buying Guide

These hose fittings are suitable for environments where there is a need to minimize leakage. Sometimes it becomes difficult for a first-time buyer to select the right type of hose barb because many things need to be considered before buying the hose. You don't need to have complete knowledge about the hose barb. This article can help you in buying the best suitable hose barb.

Why go with barbed hose fittings?

These fittings are easy to use and are available in most of the tubing sizes. The mechanism used in these fittings is to push the hose barb into the tube as far as the fitting is possible. The sharp barbs are responsible for holding the fitting at the right place. The deeper threads offer a smooth and effective connection.

Design considerations of the product

The primary concern is the tube's diameter in which you will fit the hose, so first, find out the diameter and then accordingly buy the hose. Next, you need to decide that you want a single barb or a multi-barb hose. Check the hose's chemical compatibility because it helps determine which type of composition it can work properly. Use a durometer to determine the hardness of the barbed hose.

Characteristics of a suitable barbed hose

The solid brass made barbed hose suitable for use because it is strong and has a high resistance to corrosion and abrasion. The fitting must have a thick wall to offer a longer life to the connection. The operating temperature range is mentioned on the hose, so make sure you are buying the product as per your temperature requirements. It must have low magnetic absorption. A very sharp edge can cut the tube, so ensure that the right kind of sharpness is present in the hose.

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