Top 12 Bass Drum Pedals

A bass drum pedal is a drum stick with a foam rubber head attached to a foot pedal. It is placed behind the bass drum under the player's foot and is used to strike the drum at the push of the pedal. The pedals strike the drum at low foot pressure, making it easy to hit the drum.

Bass Drum Pedals Buying Guide

Bass drums are a necessary accompaniment in any orchestra requiring percussion. Its basal beats are an excellent supplement to the higher-pitched drums, but they need a special rubber stick to be struck because the drums are big. Brass drum pedals make it easy for the drummer to play the bass drums with the drums-set simultaneously. Due to simplicity of use, the bass drum pedals have made it possible to integrate the bass drums with the other percussion instruments in a band.

Pedal drives and its importance

Pedal drives are mechanisms that translate the feet-stomping motion into beater action. A good quality pedal drive is crucial to player comfort and pedal responsiveness. There are three types of pedal drives: the chain drive, the belt drive, and the direct drive.  The chain drive uses a chain and is very responsive to low foot pressures but deteriorates faster with intense use. The belt drive has a longer life but is stiffer and requires higher foot pressure.  The direct drive offers the best of both worlds by having a longer life and requiring less foot pressure.

Choosing the correct pedal footboard type

There are two types of pedal footboard: the standard version and the longboard version. The choice of footboard depends on the playing style and shoe size of the drummer. The standard version has a fixed hinge at the heel and a movable footboard on the toe, making this a suitable choice for drummers who play by the toe. The longboard version lacks a hinge, and the whole footboard surface is meant for playing. Longboard pedals are ideal for drummers with bigger shoe sizes and those who utilize heel-to-toe rocking techniques to produce faster beats.

Parts replaceability and maintenance

Drum pedals are not free from wear and tear and have to be maintained regularly for longer life. It is important to buy those drum pedals whose parts can be easily dismantled and replaced as it is easier to clean and maintain such pedals. Chain drive pedals require more careful maintenance as the chain is susceptible to corrosion and faster wear and tear. The beater's rubber head must be frequently replaced as it is responsible for producing clean and crisp sound.