Top 12 Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Occasionally known as bowl sinks, these are free-standing bathroom sinks that rest directly on top of the bathroom counter where it is mounted, instead of countersunk with the surface as conventional undermount sinks are. They are effortless to install and replace and come in many shapes and styles.

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Bathroom Vessel Sinks Buying Guide

Vessel sinks are all the rage in interior designing today. They lend a fresh, clean look to any vanity or countertop and benefit from freeing up counter space and being easy to install, requiring only a hole for the plumbing irrespective of the sink's size and shape. This also makes them relatively easy to replace when remodeling the bathroom. They're available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, including irregular ones not generally seen in undermount sinks. Here are some guidelines for selecting a sink that meets one's requirements perfectly.

Sizes and heights

Measurements are vital with vessel sinks. These sit on the countertop, so they cannot be easily used with high counters. The faucet has to be of an ideal size--tall enough to dispense water into the sink, but not so low there is no room to fill glasses or wash hands. Shorter users might need to take these factors into consideration. Besides, one needs to consider the sink’s size relative to the counter, making a selection that allows for easy accessibility without making the counter look ill-fit or cramped.

Style and design

Vessel sinks are unquestionably stylish. They come in a delightful array of designs, colors, and shapes, allowing interior designers to outfit their bathrooms in a way that best complements their aesthetic. The most common types tend to be circular or oval, with rounded rectangles and square shapes also favored for larger spaces. They may come in solid colors or be patterned in unique and artistic ways, depending on the material used. Some even come with color gradations from the base to the rim.

Materially different

Vessel sinks offer up a brand new realm of decorative possibilities. Of course, the classics are represented with a wide range of porcelain and marble sinks in a range of shades and styles, but it doesn’t stop there. Textures and materials such as hammered nickel, antique copper, and transparent glass offer plenty of exotic options for homeowners looking for something different. However, the most suitable one will need to withstand regular use and be easy to maintain. Ensure the material is scratch and stain-resistant; avoid dense, difficult-to-clean textures and porous materials. These can harbor impurities and aren’t the best choice for use in bathrooms.