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Humans can identify if something they eat is safe or not. But what about our pets! We may give them some scraps from the kitchen, but is that safe for them in the long run? Then what should you give them? Find out from the guide below.

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Bird Food Buying Guide

Similar to human foods, there are certain specific foods available for birds too. They have to be selected very keenly to avoid any unwanted health issues for the birds. The bird food is sometimes called birdseed. You can see this name on most sites when buying one for your bird.

Consider bird specific bird seeds

Like how we humans have different specific foods for our culture, tradition, and taste, bird-specific birdseed is available. You cannot feed a bird with a portion of food that it does not like. You cannot attract birds to your yard with something a bird is allergic to. So, when you are buying food for birds, look for bird foods available for specific birds. If you don’t know what bird eats what food, you can easily google it from the internet about the type of bird and its preference. If you don’t know about the bird species, you can google it using its picture.

The types of food do matter

You may think that the type of bird food and the preference of bird is the same. But if you look deeply, there is a fine line between them. When it comes to bird food, there are two types. One is a natural food, and the other is a commercial type. Natural food is what we get from mother nature. This is further divided into two types. That is, seed and non-seed. A seed generally contains sunflower seeds, niger, millets, and safflower for specific birds. And in the non-seed category, there is suet, artificial nectar, fresh fruits, and nuts.

More insight into the types of food

Other than the natural type of food, there is another type called commercial bird food. Here, it is further divided into nonfarm and farm. The birds that come into any these of these categories have pre-mixed food. Whether it is nonfarm or farm, this type of commercial food is grown and batched for birds raised in commercial poultries. When you are to buy bird food, look for the details about the types and more.

All the other essentials to know

Remember, you will feed birds that might be raised by you or be wild birds. It would be best if you feed them throughout the year. So, when you give them food, you have to balance the nutrients it will obtain from the seeds. So, look for the nutrients values it provides. You ensure that you provide the correct amount of fat during winter and various nuts and seeds through summer. Don’t ever think that this is not an important consideration. Also, kindly double-check the expiry before buying. It is definitely not a topic to ignore. If you do so, you may fail to attract birds.

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