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Boroscopes are little optical devices used to measure and capture images where absolutely no one can reach. They have a wide range of applications in truck engines, steam engines, aero-derivative turbines and many more. These optical devices are generally used for visual inspection work. They work on areas that are entirely inaccessible by anything else and are apt for detecting imperfections.

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Borescopes Buying Guide

Although termed by many as inspection cameras, boroscopes are your best friend. They can be a tremendous optical device to detect and measure instruments out of a regular person or device's reach. They save time by providing an economical and feasible solution to access these places which would otherwise take up much time in destructive dismounting activities. When buying boroscopes, one often considers the device's size as a bigger one can often be bulkier and cant access smaller places. However, they do provide sharp images.

Modern Illumination Technology as an essential feature

It is ideal to opt for smaller boroscopes as they are super convenient and can be used to inspect smaller spaces. Mostly, you'll be experimenting and expanding vision among dark spaced cavities. Using an incandescent bulb in such dark cavities can aid contamination and bring forth unnecessary heating issues. To avoid that, go for fibre optic illumination that can increase safety, convenience and efficiency.

Magnifying and field view effect

Every boroscope must have the essential magnifying feature in it as the operator won't be focusing on the object time and again. Areas which are near spark plug holes are often hard to reach. For these areas, make sure your boroscope has a backwards-looking 120-degree angle that can measure in a different angle and inspect all sides of the cavity. There are mainly two types of flexible boroscopes- articulating and non-articulating.

Choosing the right diameter and length of the boroscope

Longer tubes provide a larger area to cover, and shorter ones cover a greater distance. However, each boroscope depends on your need. It is imperative to choose a device with the right diameter and length such that the camera tips can investigate right areas.