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Living in a city has its pros and cons. However, being a car-owner and living in a tightly congested city does have one more con over the list. The reason being- bumper accidents. Statistics and general experience suggest that living in a congested city is the leading cause of small scratches and dents on your bumper. However, there is a solution to this as well- install bumper guards. They give your bumpers the ultimate protection they deserve and need!

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Bumper Guards are designed in such a way that they will protect your bumpers from any kind of untimely substantial damage.  Although it does make your car look a little bit dingy, these are those ugly ducklings who will protect your car in the long run and also save thousands of bucks on bumper replacements. Usually, parking areas pose this problem as novices often bump their cars with yours while parking. Albeit, bumper guard, can come off as a little bit costly, they are a one-time investment that will help protect thousands of more expenses from coming!

No more scratches, only happy drives

There's an annoying noise that comes off your vehicle when you drive off any cliff. You've heard that, right? That is the sound of the underside of your bumper scratching off the asphalt under your car. However, with the bumper guard, you can finally come off the cliff without making a single additional noise. The bumper guard must protect you from these tiny problems by providing you with the penultimate mechanism of balancing and maintaining your car's front bumper lip and protecting against carbon fiber spoiler.  They must also protect you from the spitters of cement and the splatters of potholes.

Steel reinforced straps for safety

Your bumper guard must have safety reflectors to protect from different hazards. Some bumper guards even have detachable parts such that you can attach it only when you park and leave the car's beauty as it is when you drive. These bumper guards can easily sit in your car's dickey as they stay rested while you drive off. Bumper guards must also be flexible and have stabilizers such that they minimize the jump and soften the fall after every bumper. Along with that, they must also inherit atleast 10mm impact-absorbing protection such that they can absorb the impact of any stern drive.

Bumper for front protection as well

Another alternative to your regular bumper drive is a front protection system as well. This will include an entire kit to protect your front and rear such that the real impact is well-served and none of it damages your car in any way. Moreover, they also have a foam rubber pad that can absorb impact and turn any major accident to go easy on your car and you.

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