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Life today is stressful, with a lot of work and personal commitments. How to de-stress yourself is a big question. But the man is an intelligent living thing on the planet and hence has come up with the solution of occasional outdoor camping to remove the daily life stress. The fresh air, serene surroundings, and beautiful nature cool and relaxes the mind and the body.

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Camping Sleeping Bags Buying Guide

To enjoy outdoor camping, you need camping gears, and when you want to enjoy the nights out there, then sleeping bags are a must. The creativity and knowledge of a man have led to the invention of various types of sleeping bags, and because of that, it becomes a little tricky to choose the right sleeping bag. Many buying guides help in the selection process. The following will still explain and highlight all the things that need to be considered before buying a sleeping bag quickly and straightforwardly.

The temperature

Sleeping bags are designed to provide different types of warmth, depending upon the temperature value embedded in it. The season in which you are going camping decides which kind of sleeping bag you should buy. The warmth indicates the external temperature during the night. According to the temperature rating, sleeping bags are categorized into three types: summer season, mild season, and winter season. Always go for a sleeping bag with a lower temperature than the expected most tropical night time temperature because there is an option of unzipping the bag if you feel too warm.


A sleeping bag's shape is also essential because it decides the amount of space you can use to stretch your hands and legs. The rectangular bags offer plenty of room to stretch the legs and the hands. The semi-rectangular has a barrel shape that offers lesser space than the rectangular ones. The snug fit bag, also known as the Mummy that allows rolling over with the bag. The double sleeping bag is meant for two people to sleep together. Shorter and smaller bags for kids are also available in the market.

Synthetic insulated vs. down insulated sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are categorized into synthetic and down-insulated depending upon the type of insulation fill they have. A down insulated bag has the features of being light in weight, water-resistant treatment options, compressing, and durability. The synthetically insulated bags are non-allergic, cheap, and dries up fast.

Additional features and accessories

The fabric of the sleeping bag should be durable and must have water-repellent properties. The zipper should be strong and sturdy. You may want to prefer a bag with additional accessories like a storage sack or a bag liner. The accessories can be purchased separately, but if the bag is available with those, then it is advantageous.

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