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All car floors need a protective layer that saves them from mishaps that can happen during a drive, and cargo liners are the solutions you are looking for this problem. These mats offer great protection to the car floors, and these mats are made from great quality materials to ensure that these mats last long and offer great protection from fluids, dirt, and other substances that can leave your car floor in a mess.

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Motor Trend Heavy Duty Utility Cargo Liner Floor Mats for Car Truck SUV, Universal ...

  • Brand Name: Motor Trend
  • Model Name: MT-786-BK
  • Color Options: Black, Gray, Beige
  • Item Weight: 3.54 pounds
  • Satisfaction Score: 88%
  • Dimensions: 33.4 x 3 x 2 inches
  • Overall Score: 8.5
Store Website:

Cargo Liners Buying Guide

Cargo liners are protective layers that people can place on their cars' floors to protect them from spills, dirt, and mess. These products are versatile and offer numerous benefits and features that help people keep their cars clean and sterile. There are several companies that design and manufacture cargo liners that are sold according to car models to ensure that these protective liners fit the car well; however, they are customizable to ensure that the liner fits nicely and stays in place to provide better protection to the car floors. In this buying guide, you can expect to read what makes cargo liners important and why every car has one.

Product quality

There is a big market for cargo liners and companies that manufacture high-quality liners that can be chosen by the consumers as per the features of a particular liner and customer requirements. Most companies use excellent quality raw materials to manufacture their products and ensure that these liners provide the required protection to the floors and cargos of the car. Several companies put their liners through a series of tough tests to check the quality and durability of the products they manufacture and conduct expansive tests to quality check the advanced rubber polymers used in the products.

Product features

Cargo liners are fantastic products that come with several features that make them advantageous and are chosen by large numbers of customers. Several companies manufacture cargo liners that are weatherproof and protect the floor and cargo from any and every seasonal concerns. These mats are designed in such a way that they offer anti-slip backing that enables the mats to stay put and not move too much. These mats protect against snow, mud, water, dirt, and any other substance that can leave the car floor in a mess.


Cargo liner manufacturers produce liners of different sizes to fit the floor and cargo of different cars. You can easily type your car's model to find the cargo liner that will fit your car and buy liners accordingly. Several companies manufacture cargo liners that have a universal fit and can be customized as per the space to make the liners fit nicely and stay in place. There are 54 inches ×37 inches liners that are easily customizable and can skilfully be altered and customized using just a pair of scissors to cut off the excess material. These liners are easy to lay down and offer smooth installation.