Top 12 Cheese Tools

Cheese is one of the most beloved foods all over the world. It has become quite a common ingredient in most recipes, as it adds a creamy flavor and depth to the dishes. Although there are zillion varieties of cheeses in the market, each one has a flavor profile of its own and differs in terms of taste, texture, and many other factors.

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Olicity Cheesecloth, Grade 90, 45 Square Feet, 100% Unbleached Cotton Fabric ...

  • Brand Name: Olicity
  • Model Name: Cloth01
  • Size Options: 5Yards, Grade 90 - 3 sq.yd
  • Color Options: White
  • Material Options: Rough cotton
  • Item Weight: 7 ounces
  • Satisfaction Score: 98%
  • Dimensions: 3.3 x 14.2 x 25.1 inches
  • Overall Score: 9.3
Store Website:

Mueller Austria Premium Quality V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline Cheese/Vegetable ...

  • Brand Name: Mueller Austria
  • Model Name: MU-MANDO
  • Color Options: White
  • Material Options: MU-MANDO
  • Department: MU-MANDO
  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Satisfaction Score: 95%
  • Dimensions: 13.54 x 6.3 x 5.04 inches
  • Overall Score: 9.1
Store Website:

Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer - Replacement Stainless Steel ...

  • Brand Name: Bellemain
  • Model Name: SYNCHKG079417
  • Color Options: Silver
  • Material Options: Zinc
  • Item Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Satisfaction Score: 93%
  • Dimensions: 8.25 x 6 x 0.5 inches
  • Overall Score: 8.9
Store Website:

Utopia Kitchen Cheese Grater for Kitchen Stainless Steel 6-Sides - Easy to ...

  • Brand Name: Utopia Kitchen
  • Model Name: UK0081
  • Color Options: Silver
  • Material Options: Stainless Steel/rubber
  • Item Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Satisfaction Score: 97%
  • Dimensions: 3.54 x 10.04 x 4.53 inches
  • Overall Score: 9.1
Store Website:

Cheesecloth, Grade 90, 54 Sq Feet, 100% Unbleached Cotton Fabric, Ultra Fine ...

  • Brand Name: S.CENG
  • Size Options: Grade 90-6Yards, Grade 90-7Yards, Grade 90-8Yards
  • Material Options: Cotton
  • Item Weight: 8.1 ounces
  • Satisfaction Score: 98%
  • Dimensions: 11.74 x 9.57 x 0.87 inches
  • Overall Score: 9.5
Store Website:

Zyliss Classic Rotary Cheese Grater-NSF Restaurant Certified, White

  • Brand Name: ZYLISS
  • Model Name: E900020U
  • Size Options: NSF Certified
  • Item Weight: 6.9 ounces
  • Satisfaction Score: 92%
  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.1 x 4.4 inches
  • Overall Score: 8.7
Store Website:

Forc Silicone Spatula Set of 8 include 4 Mini Spatulas, Heat Resistant Rubber ...

  • Brand Name: Forc
  • Color Options: Black, Green, Orange, Red
  • Item Weight: 11.3 ounces
  • Satisfaction Score: 97%
  • Dimensions: 12.13 x 6.93 x 0.75 inches
  • Overall Score: 9.5
Store Website:


  • Brand Name: Trimaco, LLC
  • Model Name: 10303
  • Size Options: 4 sq-yd
  • Color Options: White
  • Item Weight: 2.08 ounces
  • Satisfaction Score: 95%
  • Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 6.58 inches
  • Overall Score: 9.1
Store Website:

Cheesecloth, Grade 90, 36 Sq Feet, Reusable, 100% Unbleached Cotton Fabric, ...

  • Brand Name: SCENG
  • Model Name: 4Yards-cheesecloth
  • Size Options: Grade 90-4Yards, Grade 90-50Yards
  • Color Options: Beige
  • Material Options: Cotton
  • Item Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Satisfaction Score: 99%
  • Dimensions: 36 x 144 x 0.12 inches
  • Overall Score: 9.5
Store Website:

Cambom Manual Rotary Cheese Grater - Round Mandoline Slicer with Strong Suction ...

  • Brand Name: Cambom
  • Color Options: Blue, Classic white, Green, Red, Red+White
  • Material Options: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 2.05 pounds
  • Satisfaction Score: 90%
  • Dimensions: 10.23 x 4.53 x 9.45 inches
  • Overall Score: 8.3
Store Website:

Cheese Tools Buying Guide

Cheese varieties range from soft, hard, semi-hard, and semi-soft cheeses; to cheddar, provolone, cottage cheese, mozzarella, parmesan, etc. All these varieties put forth the need for certain tools that will help us in handling them the way they deserve such as slicers, graters, knives, cheesecloths, and many more.

Why does the grade matter?

A cheesecloth is a primary requirement to make cheese. While purchasing one, it is important to look at its grade. The grade of a cheesecloth refers to the number of threads per inch square. Grade 90 and 100 are the most common found type. The higher the number of threads, the finer is the cloth, which helps in forming the perfect blob of cheese. Thus, grades 90 and 100 are the common choices. It is also important to choose a cloth that is not bleached, chemical, and also free of lint. A two-layered cheesecloth is also a good choice as it acts as a double-filter. After all, cheesecloth is a multi-faceted product. It also helps in straining milk, honey, tea, coffee, broth, etc.

Knives out!

There are different knives for different cheeses. A soft cheese knife is ideal for soft cheeses like gorgonzola because this knife is thin and has holes in it, thus, minimizing the surface area for soft cheeses, like Camembert, to stick onto it. A pronged knife is suitable to cut into soft and semi-hard cheeses like brie. The pronged part of the knife helps to pick up the cut piece and serve it, as well. A spreader helps to cut and serve cheeses like cream cheese. A parmesan knife helps to cut hard cheeses like parmesan, with its sharp edge. A cheese cleaver is suitable for semi-hard and hard cheeses like Gouda. It is important to handle the different types of cheeses with the corresponding knives.

Is grating great?

Cheese is also widely used as a garnish, by grating it over pasta or noodles. Mandolines are quite efficient in not just slicing vegetables, but also in grating different cheeses. Mandolines with interchangeable blades have proven to be more efficient in slicing. Cheese slicers and cutters are also helpful in getting that perfect slice of cheese over sandwiches. 4-sided graters are also quite efficient in grating cheeses as it has a slicer, grater, shredder, and zester - all four features in one.

Presentation comes with efficiency!

A cheese board is another important cheese tool. It is useful in presenting a charcuterie board or a cheese platter. You can use either a wooden cutting board, specially kept aside for such presentation, or buy a separate cheese board. There are cheese boards that also come with a wire that acts as a cheese slicer. These wires are replaceable as well, making this product more efficient and useful. There are different types of such cheese boards, that is, ones made out of wood, marble, etc. Thus, such cheese boards with replaceable cheese slicers are ideal for a neat and accessible presentation of cheeses.