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There are contemporary devices that allow professional electricians & DIY enthusiasts to measure current without breaking the circuit & get an instant & accurate reading without much hassle. These devices are known as Clamp meters. Electricity has played a major role in human beings' lives, allowing them to establish themselves in this world. The invention of electricity has given the power to mankind to create wonders in this world. They have also led to advancements in technology, where the world now seems to be unstoppable.

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Clamp Meters Buying Guide

There are wires located in compact spaces or panels that are out of reach. In such spaces, measuring current, the old-school way is not possible. Here clamp meters come to your rescue & are the perfect troubleshooting device. A proper understanding of their features will help you to select the one that suits your needs.

With current constantly flowing through the wires, it is extremely dangerous for an individual to touch the wires with bare hands.  But to make the work done triumphantly, they have made use of clamp meters. With the help of a digital multimeter, clamp meters are used to measure the flow of current. It allows them to clamp the wires with the jaws in an electric system enabling them to measure current without disconnecting any appliances.

Features to look for

Safety is the most important feature that needs to be considered while purchasing a clamp meter. Hence, make sure that the clamp meter has the highest safety ratings as it is the device that acts as a protective barrier between your hands & the conductor. The clamp meters that are compatible with smartphones score high on the convenience quotient. Since you don’t need to stand near the meter & the same can be viewed on your smartphone.

Safety comes first

With advancements in technology, technicians have found an alternative to the outmoded method followed initially to cut the wire and measure current flow. But these days, with the help of clamp meters, they can measure current in the appliance without coming in contact directly. The buyers also have an added advantage as the procedure can be carried out without shutting off the circuit and allowing the current to pass through them. By taking all these safety precautions, the technician can carry out the activities hassle-free.

Be mindful of these areas

The jaw opening size of these instruments should be considered that depends on the size of the conductor. A clamp meter can measure both alternating & direct current, voltage, resistance, etc. However, certain variants can measure only alternating current. Therefore, knowing the maximum current range is very important before making a purchase. Clamp meters with appropriate resistance for domestic use are recommended.

Is it the right one?

The perplexed buyers can purchase from the varying types of clamp meters that are available in the market. They should always select the clamp meters depending on the wires' jaw, which has different measurements ranging from 12.5mm to 58 mm or even more. They are also provided with testing leads that help check the frequency, voltage, and many other properties. They not only fit the electrical gadgets but also helps in troubleshooting them. All these things make it the right choice to be purchased.

Additional aspects to consider

Some clamp meters are not suitable for heavy-duty operations. Hence, considering the max ampere rating will help you to make the right choice. All the devices don’t have the warranty feature. Therefore, it is better to check these beforehand. The crest factor is vital to check circuit overloads. Thus it is essential to have a direct measurement reading on the clamp meter that shows this value. Certain ones have a LED display for easy reading in dark areas. Accessories like a dust-free cover & few alligator clips are also provided with some clamp meters.

Repeatable results

Only when tested constantly, the clamp meter should repeat results with not much variation in them. It is only then it is an indicator that the clamp meter is functioning properly. The buyer must ensure that the clamp meter works for him and not against him.

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