Top 12 Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning Cloths are essential in many ways as they are required when cleaning objects and areas. Though any old rag might suffice, specialized fabrics with unique features and capabilities are also available. Such fabrics come in various materials, numbers, and colors and are useful in numerous ways.

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Cleaning Cloths Buying Guide

Cleaning Cloths are versatile and are available in various shapes and forms. Such fabrics are used to clean surfaces and spaces, like the kitchen and the rest of the household, cars, or other vehicles. Old rags have been a popular choice until now. But these days, numerous fabrics, specially designed for specific areas or tasks and those that come with distinctly advantageous features, are being made available. Let us look at some of the popular options and their various beneficial features.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

One of the most popular products in this category, Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, is versatile and, thanks to their innovative construction, it can even eliminate the use of cleaning fluids. This product is extremely efficient in trapping and removing dust and dirt and can be used wet or dry. Microfiber fabrics are available in various sizes and various numbers and are suitable for all types of cleaning jobs.

Cotton cloths and Polishing pads

Cotton fabrics are a popular choice when it comes to cleaning accessories. Cotton rags are known for their absorbent properties and come in various shapes, sizes, and mixed with other fibers. Cotton or microfiber cleaning pads are useful for polishing surfaces like brass, silver, wood, and ceramics. Specific fabrics that are useful in polishing glass or other particular areas are also available.

Chamois cloths for excellent sheen

Chamois is a natural material made from antelope's skin or sheepskin. It is a select type of polishing cloth that helps eliminate fingerprints and grime from metal surfaces like silver, brass, and stainless steel. These days, faux chamois made from synthetic alternatives are also available. 

Non-scratch fabrics for vehicles

The non-scratch variety of Cleaning Cloths are products that are mainly designed for cleaning cars and vehicles. As the name suggests, these fabrics help clean surfaces without creating scratches on them and hence are preferred for wiping-down painted surfaces, especially the cars' various parts, and areas.