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Maintaining hygiene in the kitchen is the foremost duty of everyone, and it includes washing vegetables and fruits, which might appear fresh but do contain an invisible layer of dirt. A colander is a great product, and indeed, a kitchen essential to help users clean kitchen goods under running water.

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Colanders Buying Guide

Many people might not be well-acquainted with the term colander as it is hardly used to call the product, though one might remember it by the colloquial term strainer. Yes, it is precisely the product people usually use to strain pasta, salads, or fruits. It can be found in the majority of households though many are still unknown to the great convenience that this product extends. This buying guide might help such people know more about its appropriate usage to take advantage of its ease while ensuring an efficient practice of it inside the cooking area.

Micro-perforated to drain every last drop of water

The more, the merrier sits perfectly well while talking about the structure of a colander as a large number of holes in it are beneficial. Customers must opt for the colander, which is micro-perforated. It means the product owns many draining holes that are packed extremely close to each other, ensuring that most of the water drains safely out of the tool.

Heavy-duty product to contain more ingredients

A strong product with more room to include ingredients must be sturdy enough to handle those down under a strong rush of water. The chosen colander must have a durable structure to hold heavy veggies and fruits while striving to make the product last longer, delivering its assistance in maintaining the cooking hygiene in the kitchen area.

Ring base to negate the risk of tipping

There will always be a chance of tipping if the colander does not own a stable base of its own to support the containing ingredients. Purchase colanders that include a thick ring base to keep the product on a flat surface while it drains the excess water out of the ingredients.

Additional handles for a better handling

Additional handles offer a firm grip to hold the kitchen tool down while draining or washing the ingredients in a sink. It gets easier to keep the vegetables from falling when the handles are firmly gripped, so choose only the ones with additional grip.