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Darbuka is a musical instrument played by percussionists; the instrument has a synthetic membrane head that is played to make music. The instrument can be controlled to produce deep, and light sounds to suit the song's tempo and feel. A Darbuka is light in weight, making it easy to carry anywhere, and has a high tonal spectrum.

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Darbukas are musical instruments that are made in the middle east and belong to the membranophone family. These instruments are goblet drums played by bare hands and play high and low notes. It is a percussion instrument played by a percussionist and is used to add music to gatherings and songs. Darbukas are musical instruments with an excellent tonal range and played by middle eastern people and musicians worldwide. The Darbuka is an instrument widely used to add bass music other than standard drums. This buying guide will help you with all the information you need to know about Darbuka and its features.

Product design

Several companies manufacture Darbukas, and most of these manufacturers design their Darbukas to look alluring and appealing. These instruments are handcrafted by Egyptian craftsmen to deliver unbeatable quality. There are several Darbukas available in the market that have beautiful designs. The instrument's body has various gemstones or hand engravings to accentuate the instrument and make it look beautiful and attractive. The Darbukas are light in weight and designed in such a way to make these instruments easy to transport and move them where they are needed.

Product features

Darbukas have various features that make them unique instruments. The instrument is a goblet drum played by hand and resonated high notes, deep low notes, and deep base that can be manipulated and orchestrated as per the percussionist’s choice to suit the sound pitch of the song. These instruments have a flush rim to offer appropriate contact and comfort while playing the instrument. The insure meant five tuning lugs that can adjust with a tuning key that comes with the instrument. The instruments get made with aluminum, make the light and easy to carry around.


A Darbuka is a musical instrument played in the middle east to add music to songs. The instrument produces high and low notes and can get maneuvered to play bass of different depths to add to its tone and rhythm. The instrument is versatile and has a great intonation that lets the percussionists play with the instrument to create sets of different sounds and modulate them according to how they want the song to be. Although the instrument gets played by hand, it's difficult to learn its quickly; like most instruments take time, this is not any different, but it does allow the percussionist to vary the instrument's pitch and tone.