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The pets are a part of the family because of the love and bond people share with them. Proper care and grooming are needed for a pet to stay happy and healthy. Grooming is directly proportional to hygiene, and that is the reason why it is essential for pets.

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Dog Combs Buying Guide

One of the most popular choices of having a pet is the dog. Whenever grooming a dog comes into mind, you think of having a comb to maintain its hair. But to select the correct option is a daunting task. A guide that helps in identifying the correct ones can make your selecting and buying journey stress-free, in turn, providing you a better shopping experience.

What do you want from the comb?

The first and the primary need is to identify what you want from a dog comb; it should be a de-shedding tool or tangles remover or both. The right kind of tool will make the combing or brushing sessions follow a smooth path with positive outputs. It would be best if you always remember that different types of dogs require different combs or brushes.

Identify and select your type

There are different types of dog combs available in the marketplace. Considering the working of each type, you should go for the one that matches your dog's requirements. Select the one that best suits the length and style of the dog's hair coat. Rake combs are like razors that enter a dog's thick coat to remove the tangles and dead undercoat and hence suitable for thick-haired dogs. For medium to long hair dogs, the preferred comb is the slicker comb. Bristles are used for short hair dogs like the pug. The rubbery combs are useful for removing the dead hair.

Material and comfort

The material with which the comb is made is also essential because it directly affects the skin of the dog. The material should have an anti-microbial property to protect the dog from germs and bacteria. Next come the comfort and ease of handling the comb. Always go for a comb with a tight grip handle to avoid slipping the comb from your hand. The comb should be easy to clean after it has been used for de-shedding or removing tangles. A lightweight comb is easy to handle and offers fatigue-free grooming.

Electric or mechanical?

Although it's a personal choice of having an electrical or a mechanical dog comb, a few points need attention before making your mind. The electrical comb runs on battery and reduces the effort you need for brushing the hair coat, but the instrument's constant beeping noise annoys the pet. The mechanical ones need the effort, but it is worthy because it creates a bond between the dog and the owner.

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