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Which kind of Dog clippers you should go for depends on a few factors like which breed are you going to use it for, clippers that provide a comfortable weight and grip that Is suitable for your dog's coat, the ones that are not too noisy, and some other factors.

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Dog Grooming Clippers Buying Guide

Styling and grooming the dog is of utmost importance to maintain its hygiene. Dragging your pooch to get groomed is not always an easy task. So what you can do better is invest in a good quality Dog grooming kit and provide your dog with basic grooming at home. Internet is flooding with a variety of that equipment, some have Ceramic steel, and some have stainless steel, some clippers move faster through the dog's coat and some move slower, etc. But what kind of clippers does your little one need? You can get your confusion resolved with this buying guide. 

Power and speed of grooming clippers

The unit of measurement of the grooming clippers' speed and power is measured by Strokes per Minute (SPM) or Rotations Per Minute (RPM). The clippers with higher SPMs and RPMs move more quickly and swiftly through the dog's coat, but they tend to make more noise, vibration, and even heat up quickly. So make sure if your dog's coat is short and wiry, then you don't need clippers with higher SPM, and the ones with lower SPM would do. Go for those that have lower chances of overheating to protect the sensitive areas of your dog.

Blades of Dog clippers

Of course, stainless steel blades are a great option since they are more long-lasting and stronger than ceramic blades. But they tend to heat up faster and lose their sharpness more quickly than Ceramic blades. Ceramic blades do not get overheated and tend to remain sharp for long compared to the steel ones, but they have some downsides like they are not easy to find, have a shorter lifespan, and are a bit on the expensive side than the steel blades. 

Clippers with Cord or battery? 

To consider this factor, you would have to observe your doggy's coat. Some blades that come cordless, with battery run up to 4-5 hours straight but some struggle to run for even an hour. So if your pup has a short coat, then less battery would also do. But if your dog has thick skin, then corded clippers would be preferable because it could use electricity as much as you need and won't stop mid-way. 

Brands dealing with Grooming Clippers

As grooming your dog is an important part of keeping them presentable and hygienic, various brands have come up with different tools to groom your dog efficiently and safely. Grooming clippers is one of them, and it comes with different heads or fittings to groom the little buddy with utmost perfection. Brands such as Ceenwes, Wahl, Oneisall, PettingPal, Andis are some of the many brands or companies dealing with grooming clippers. They come in a diverse price range, which makes the tool affordable too.