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Knowing the identities of other unknown people is possible with the help of an ID for real authentication. The same way dogs may require an ID tag that will ensure they return to the place where they belong, that is safe and beneficial for them; otherwise, they are considered homeless.

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Dog ID Tags Buying Guide

Dog ID tags are an addition to the dog’s accessories as they not only inform the people about their identity and place but also make their appearance appealing and charming. Every dog owner must own a tag as it will help find a dog that has lost his way back and can not ask for people without these tags. The ID tags mark their place of origin and permanent residence.

Aluminum or steel?

Dogs ID tags are manufactured commonly of aluminum that is the most demanded type. But stainless steel is considered the best as it can beat the normal aluminum tags strength within no time. The tags which extra strength, durability and are light in weight make the best choice. The other type is the aluminum tags that undergo anodization to add brightness and make it strong to endure the daily wear and tear. The tags should neither bend nor break as the dogs do many fun activities that can damage them.

The various shapes

There was a time when only round shapes were available for etching a dog’s details on the tag. People have almost eight shapes that they can choose from and gift their dogs the best design. The tags' shape does not affect the size and font of the words written over the surface. These shapes are a bow tie, star, round, rectangular, ranger badge, dog bone, flower, and heart house. The buyers can decide which type of shape would make a suitable match for their dogs, irrespective of their size.

The area of etching

After deciding the tags' shape, the next step is the number of lines that can be engraved over its glossy surface. The engraving has to be done with a laser so that it does not diminish or fall. The letters written on a tag need to be very clear, permanent, and attractive so that it does not look like an information board rather than a part of apparel. The tags should allow the user to engrave on both the sides and that too four lines each. It makes the tags customizable and can carve every little detail about their dogs.

The glittering colors

The tags' background colors where the text is engraved also have numerous options, just like the shapes. The dog owners can choose from nine colors: red, pink, blue, orange, silver, etc. They can go for white lettering that will stand out against all the background colors. The area of engraving should remain the same at the time of purchase. The little tags' diameter is usually 1 inch, whereas the larger tags have a diameter of 1.4 inches. The small size can be 1.6 × 1.1 inches. The buyer has the right to decide everything and get the best-polished ID tags.

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