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Mushrooms are a popular meaty fruit that belongs to the fungus family and is spongy in kind. It is being put to use by humans not only for eating but also for medicinal purposes. They are available to us in various types and gives a different taste to the dishes.

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Dried Mushrooms Buying Guide

The drying of mushrooms is a practice that is being carried forward for ages. Mushrooms that are not vegetables are stored for long periods. Certain kinds of mushrooms are seasonal in nature, and one needs to wait for that time of the year to enjoy them. Hence, to avoid situations, people decided to preserve and store them to be consumed throughout the year.

Mushrooms and it's kind available

Mushrooms have an enormous number of kinds, and each of them has a different look and taste. Other parts of the globe prefer different mushrooms for distinctive dishes. Categories such as shiitakes and porcini are used in risotto and other Asian dishes, whereas chanterelles are widely used in French dishes such as sauces and other bistro classics. However, morels are nutty and smokey in nature and taste best when combined with asparagus.

Drying the mushrooms

Mushrooms can be dried using a fan, oven, or under the sun. One must ensure reserving it in a tightly sealed container and placed in a dark location for longer shelf life. People can also use a sealed freezer bag and store these dried mushrooms in refrigerators or freezers. Before drying and storing mushrooms, buyers must ensure that they buy mushrooms of top quality that are not shriveled or crushed. It should be large in size and good in shape.

Steps before using dried mushrooms

There are a certain set of rules that is to be followed before using these dried mushrooms. It is extremely important to wash and rehydrate. The buyer must give them a soak of at least 10 minutes in hot water. This gives plumpness to the mushrooms and also helps in creating a flavorful broth. This broth can easily be used for the dish in progress or stored in the freezer until the next use. It also removes the grit, which otherwise would have spoilt the taste of your dish.

Ways of using dried mushrooms

Once rehydrated, these dried mushrooms taste as good as the fresh ones. They can be added to any rice dishes or help you make a cream-based pasta sauce. They can also be added to your salads and soups or added to the stir-fried vegetables. Buyers can also use these to make flavorful butter by softening the butter and mixing it with other herbs.

How healthy are they?

Dried mushrooms have a tremendous amount of health benefits. They are not only used to fight diseases but also to boost immunities. They are low in fat as 90 percent of their weight is because of water. They are a good source of potassium and high in fiber. It helps in controlling blood pressure and also reduces the risk of stroke.

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