Top 12 Electric Guitar Beginner Kits

Music is what feelings sound like, and what better way to express your feelings than to play the guitar? There is something alluring about the guitar's melody that makes it one of the most popular instruments among beginner musicians. If you want to learn to play an electric guitar, it's best to buy a beginner's guitar kit to acquaint yourself with the instrument and its various accessories.

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Electric Guitar Beginner Kits Buying Guide

Electric guitar beginner's kit is the perfect starter pack to get you started on a musical journey. However, there is a mind-boggling number of kits available in the market. It can be a bit tricky to choose your first kit. This guide will help amateurs make the best decision while buying one.

What's the better choice?

Most beginners who are just starting to play the electric guitar often make the crucial mistake of investing in an expensive premium guitar. Not everyone gets the hang of playing guitar, and many eventually realize it's not the right instrument for them. To save yourself from the financial crunch, it's best to opt for a beginner's kit. These kits already come with an electric guitar, straps, an amplifier, picks, extra strings, a bag, a cable, and a stand at a very affordable price. They are cost-effective and save you from the extra work of buying individual accessories required to play the guitar.

Making the best decision

There are often cheap substitutes of guitar kits available and are nowhere near as good as the high-quality beginner kits. Hence, it's important to note the durability and finish of the guitar, so it doesn't get dented or cracked and lasts you a long time. It should tune nicely and produce high-quality sound with a wide range of genres. There are also constructional differences that are directly tied to the sound quality of the guitar kit. 

Construction is key

The last major factor in choosing an electric guitar beginner kit is the type of material the guitar is made up of. Although it's typically wood, the tonewood used in the guitar's body is of different kinds. The density of the wood affects the tone and determines how long the guitar can sustain a note, but they can also be heavy. These include well-seasoned hardwoods such as alder, ash, basswood, mahogany, and maple. Wood is also used in the construction of the neck, including wenge, koa, maple, and rosewood, each having a difference in tone. At the end of the day, it's up to the buyer to decide which type of tone they prefer.