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While learning to play the drums is not that challenging, some people, especially children, can have a hard time playing the acoustic drum set. But a great alternative to acoustic drums is electronic drum pads, which are comparatively easier to play. Electronic drums come with various sounds, and the experience, if not the same, is quite similar to a non-electronic set. It is perfect for kids, beginners, and those who need to practice away from the studio or cannot afford a personal drum set.

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Electronic Drum Kit 9 Pads Roll-up Practice Drum Set for 8h Playing With Built-in ...

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ammoon eno DEM-40 Multifunction 3 in 1 Portable Electric Digital Practice Drum ...

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Electronic Drum Pads Buying Guide

The construction of electronic drum pads has evolved a lot over the years to recreate the sound results of an acoustic set. However, there are still some nuances like cymbal swells, which are not the same. Electronic drum pads come with pedals and drumsticks, and you can either play loud with the built-in speaker or use headphones for an immersive experience. All in all, electronic drum pads offer more flexibility and are an excellent way to start learning, but buyers need to consider several factors.

Foremost Factors – Functionality and Sensitivity

Even though electronic drums do not deliver specific nuances that an acoustic drum kit does, you can get the most out of it. The more the number of pads on your set, the more sounds it can play as each delivers a different tone. Electronic drum sets can have anywhere between four to nine pads, and more pads ensure more functionality. However, the pads should be touch-sensitive and velocity-sensitive for better results. Speed control and volume control are also essential factors to consider.

High-Quality Speaker and Included Headphones

Since an electronic drum pad delivers sound through speakers, buyers should choose one with a high-quality speaker for the best results. There are various options, including standard dual speakers and dual stereo speakers, which are excellent for outdoors, plus others that have enhanced bass. Drummers can also use headphones for private practice, and while most electronic drum pads include a headphone jack, some come with an included set of headphones that can also be used with other devices.

Long Battery Life and More Features 

A rechargeable battery with extended playtime is essential for electronic drum pads, especially for those who give performances. An extra USB/AUX jack is vital for easy connection to external speakers or devices. Buying silicone drum pads is more suitable for easy storage and travel, but the material should be non-toxic and safe if meant for kids. A recording function is crucial for tracking your performance or uploading it to your computer or any other device. Also, a lifetime warranty is something buyers can consider. 

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