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Windows are an integral part of any typical house as they are a good source of ventilation. These windows allow the light, air, and sun to come in but in the process may get damaged or worn out, and for their protection, exterior window shutters are used for their optimum performance.

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Exterior Window Shutters Buying Guide

As their name very clearly states that they are installed on the outside of a window, people consider them a viable option as it will also help enhance the look of the house. The exterior window shutters come in various designs, colors, and sizes, making it tough for people to pick up anyone. The people should not consider this as an additional expense; instead, it will help the window stand at its place in perfect shape for a more extended period.

The various designs

The exterior window shutters have such beautiful designs that the buyers need to take a perfect glance at their house to decide which one will suit their windows best. The first one is the standard raised panel design with a wood grain texture. The second type is open louver design, which is meant for decoration and provides clear and crisp angles as well as lines. The next one is standard louver exterior design for an authentic look, and the last one, which gives a sturdy look, is board and batten design.

The size of the shutters

Usually, all the exterior window shutters come in a standard design, which gives a margin up to ¾ inches of change as the outdoor temperature may vary. People should measure their windows accurately, and then they should invest in exterior window shutters. The sizes may go like this 15 inches × 35 inches, 14.5 × 25, and 14.75 × 31.  The shutters usually come in a pair for facilitating easy opening. Only the board and batten design have unique measurements as the shutter under the length of 55 inches will have two cross battens, whereas exceeding this will have three cross battens.

The numerous qualities

The buyers are installing exterior window shutters to protect their windows and the interior of the house. But these shutters also have to defend itself, and that can only be possible if it has UV additives that will make it weather-resistant, and this way, it can last longer. The exteriors constructed of one-piece injection-molded polypropylene are to be preferred because it makes the shutters fade-resistant. There is no point in getting wood shutters that were previously chosen as they required maintenance, and these shutters will not require that.

Innovative designs’ compatibility

A buyer can enhance their house’s exterior by choosing the best shutters that are going to complement the windows. These shutters have to be compatible with any kind of surface, including wood, aluminum, and masonry. Another thing is to look for shutters that will maintain the house or farmhouse's look like colonial, historical, and ranch style. It needs to provide the precise texture for home styles like foursquare, federal, shingle, and cape cod. The buyers have multiple colors and designs to give their house an elegant appeal.

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