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Flameless candles have no actual flame but a 3D representation of a flame superimposed on an LED bulb. Since these candles have no flame, they need not be replaced because they don't burn out. While actual candles are made of wax, flameless candles are made of plastic, wood, or even ivory.

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Flameless Candles Buying Guide

One of the most significant disadvantages of a real flame candle is the need to replace them often. No matter how expensive the candles are, they melt over time and need to be disposed of once fully melted. Moreover, flame candles become messy once they start melting, and hence all the wax residue becomes challenging to maintain and manage. Flameless candles are an elegant, waste-free alternative to the traditional flame candles since they do not melt and need not be replaced.  They serve an aesthetic purpose and do not release harmful chemicals in the air like the scented flame candles.

Flameless candle varieties

There is no limit to the varieties of the flameless candles. These candles come in various materials, the most common ones being plastic, plaster of Paris, and wood. The most common and the cheapest flameless candle varieties are the plastic varieties, with the 3D flame also being made of plastic, superimposing a LED bulb. Wooden flame candles are slightly more expensive than the plastic varieties. However, since wood is easy to carve and is a natural material, the designs tend to be more beautiful.

Ivory wax candles

Although flameless, the ivory wax candles are made of a special kind of wax. These candles are the top of the line candles and are the most expensive variety among all flameless candles. The reason for them being so expensive is because ivory wax is a rare type of wax that is difficult to produce and fashion into shapes. Since ivory wax is extremely mouldable, it can be carved into the most ornate carvings. Hence, ivory wax candles are extremely beautiful and have unique designs because such intricate carvings cannot be reproduced on wood or plastic.

Size of candles

Flameless candles are available in various shapes and sizes and hence are the perfect home décor kit. These candles are available as a long straight candle, a plump cylindrical candle, and cubical or cuboidal candles. The choice of shape and sizes of flameless candles largely depend on where the candles will be placed. For a decorative shelf, a flameless candle that occupies more space will create a better aesthetic effect, and hence, short and fat candles are perfect. For altars, the standard long candle is preferred. Small and compact tea candles are also available for dining tables and tea tables.

Remote control candles

The candlelight can be turned on or off with a remote in certain flameless candles. Multi-color candle options are also available in which one can choose the candle to display up to sixteen different colors. These colors can also be controlled with a remote. However, these candles can be a little more expensive than the standard flameless candles.

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