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Flat washers are one of the common types of washers that are popularly known for their use in general manufacturing or maintenance. In most cases, avoiding the use of washers reduces the lifespan of the product. The flat washers also work as spacers in industrial or domestic applications. It helps to separate dissimilar surfaces or metals and subsequently avoid galvanic corrosion.

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Washers work in coordination with nuts or screws to uphold and distribute the fastened material's load stress. Plain washers also function to do similar work while reducing friction during the tightening process between the screw and the clamping object. Special washers serve specific purposes, which generally include insulation or spanning oversize holes.

Type A or type B washers

The flat surface of the plain washers helps to provide a bearing surface for nuts or screw heads. There are different types of flat washers for general use. The class A washers are a series of steel washers that have extensive tolerances. The range includes a concentric hole size greater than three inches. Flat washers are more convenient for soft materials. These are for covering large clearance holes. Type B washers have a high-grade quality and have a center gap of fewer than three inches. These plain washers are available in narrow or wide sizes for similar diameters of screws.

Prevents the sinking of bearing surfaces

The flat washers and spring washers are the most popular type of washers. A detailed guide to the plain washers' qualities provides insight to buy the right kind of fasteners for a particular use. The plain washers efficiently increase the size of the bearing surface area of the bolts. The load distribution reduces the surface pressure on the clamped exteriors, preventing looseness of the bearing surface. The manufacturing of flat washers is through the even flat pressing of metal.

The different applications of various flat washers

Flat washers are available in different shapes and diameters. The fender washers have a large outside diameter. It is apt for irregular or vast holes and with soft materials like aluminum or resin that require support. T-slot plain washers have a beveled rim and go through the heat treatment. The flat washers assortment kits contain a wide variety of sizes and diameters for multipurpose use. Machine screw flat washers are small in size. Thicker flat washers are the practical options for spacing. 

Metal selection for washers

The material selection of flat washers depends on the application of the product. Stainless steel metal washers are suitable for a corrosion-resistant wet environment, and it is in higher demand. Copper washers are applicable for tighter seals and have elevated heat resistance. Flat washers in the copper build are non-magnetic and are electrically conductive. These find their application in electrical connections or commercial appliances. 

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