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Beetroots, more commonly known as beets, are a type of root vegetable used in cuisines worldwide. They are rich in folate and manganese, and the natural food colorant betanin. The leaves and stems of the beetroot plant (also called "beet greens") are also edible in salads and dishes.

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Fresh Beets Buying Guide

The humble beet has been a mainstay of European cuisine since before Rome. Whether ground to make condiments like chrain, cooked in borscht, or juiced for a drink, beets are known for their nutritional and medicinal value. Fresh beets are a healthy vegetable addition to any diet, with their filling greens and versatile taproots. The points below go through some tips on selecting the best beets.

Small differences in beets

Red beets are the quintessential beet. They're versatile, delicious, and store well, losing tenderness but growing sweeter as they age. Yellow beets are less sweet, but they also have a much softer flavor profile than red beets. They also don't contain betanin, the natural red dye present in red beets, so they won't color everything in a dish pink. Baby beets can be either red or green--these are immature beets pulled up early. They have a tender texture with delicious greens.

Buying responsibly, eating healthily

Ideally, beets should be sold with their greens. The leaves and stems are perfectly edible and are as nutritionally dense as the taproot. If the beet arrives detached, it should be cut an inch along the stem to prevent spoiling. Look for USDA-certified organic beets, as neither the leaves nor the roots of such vegetables have been exposed to dangerous chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic farming also uses more sustainable methods, which are better for the earth in the long run.

Units and purchase

Beets keep for some time. The greens should be eaten within 2-3 days, while the taproot should keep for up to three weeks while refrigerated. To avoid food waste, acquire only so much as one might need. Beets are typically sold in bundles of 1lb each or in cases of several pounds per case. They also come in single units.

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