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Peaches are a round, juicy, and nutritious fruit having a sweet taste with little acidity. They are widely available in with several kinds with unique taste and appearance. It is extracted from a peach tree and grown in tremendous numbers due to its robust taste, which is used to boost any recipe with a great flavor and nutritive value.

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Fresh Peaches Buying Guide

Peaches are extracted from a peach tree, scientifically known as Prunus Persica. Peach is one of the most popular types of fruits grown in the US. They hit the market in summers and are consumed majorly throughout the season, along with canned or packed versions to use it all around the year. 

Freestone and Clingstone

Peaches come in clingstone and freestone variety. Freestone stands for the kinds of peaches whose flesh doesn't cling to the stone or pit and is easily detached from the pit. On the other hand, clingstone is the ones whose flesh is attached to the stone or pit. They are used for commercial purposes. Freestone works the best in cooking, baking and can be eaten raw or sliced too, and Clingstones are used in canned or preserved peaches variants as they are sweeter than the freestone one. 

Kinds of peach

There are mainly four kinds of peach which differ in appearance or flavor. The first one is a yellow peach, the most common peach, as they are sweet with a tint of acidity. Second, comes white peaches; they are comparatively sweeter and less acidic. They are particularly squishier than the yellow ones. The third is donut peaches that are flat and doughnut-shaped in appearance. They have a sweet taste and are mostly available at the farmer's market. Fourth is nectarines. They vary the most in appearance as their outer skin is soft and fuzz-free. They are remarkably sweet and firm.

What are its health benefits?

Peaches are loaded with health benefits, and the nutrients present in it promote the overall well-being of the body. They are immensely rich in beta-carotene, which converts into vitamin A when consumed and aids in eyesight and skin-related issues. They have a tremendous amount of anti-oxidants. Peaches tend to improve heart health, digestion and boost immunity. They have no saturated fats and low in calories, which keeps your weight on track. They are good for teeth and bones due to the nutrients present in it.

How to use peach in various recipes?

Peach is a very versatile fruit, and it is used in various recipes. Their sweet flavor makes it widely liked and consumed. It is used in pies, cakes, muffins, cobbler, and puddings, and so on. They have a delightful taste, which makes it stand out from the rest. Some of the prominent recipes using peach are crumb cake, cobbler with a pastry crust, peach pie, peach crisps, cookies, and many more.  

Market Availability 

Peaches are popular and massively preferred fruit by people, which makes its availability factor comparatively high. There are easily accessible stores, and various brands or companies are offering it, namely, Karen's, fresh nation, field day, wise, dole store, and much more, delivering the fresh and high-quality peaches in packed and loose variants. The sweet-smelling peaches are the ripe ones and can be easily identified. They are widely available at offline and online stores, dealing with the fresh and various types of peaches.

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