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We all strive to maintain basic hygiene in our home, especially our kitchen sink. Specific tools are categorized as Garbage Disposal Parts, which can help you keep your sink away from disease-causing germs and microbes and ensure proper Disposal of your Garbage.

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Garbage Disposal Parts Buying Guide

There is a wide range of garbage disposal parts available in the market. However, you can choose the necessary parts based on the Garbage Disposal Parts classification according to the purpose they serve the best. This step by step buying guide aims to classify the Garbage Disposal Parts into various categories to help you go for the most economical solution after in-depth analysis.

Stop the passage of food and water

If you are looking for an apt tool to effectively block the food and water flowing down the sink drain, a sink stopper can be the perfect solution. Nonetheless, it is not an easy task to pick the right sink stopper. The sink stoppers are generally 3 ½ Inches in diameter, made for standard drain openings. You need to check the diameter of your sink drain to ensure easy insertion of the stopper. Additionally, you will need a sink flange to fix your sink stopper in the sink drain.

Protection Against Bacteria

Are you fed up with water splashing upward while handling your sink? You can opt for a sink baffle to avoid the upward splashes and inhibit microbes' growth in your sink. A Sink Baffle made of rubber is preferable owing to less disposer noise. These Baffles are generally suitable for the evolution series Garbage Disposers. So, it is essential to check the Baffle's suitability if you have Badger Disposers.

Advanced ways of Disposal

Air Switch Kit and Wireless Switch Kits come as a hassle-free way of disposing your waste into the garbage disposer. You can dispose of your garbage with a click on the Switches provided. Though such Switch Kits are suitable for all types of Garbage Disposers, you need to consider your countertops' thickness for Air Switch Kit. This is because you will need to dig a hole yourself to fit your Air switch inside it.  You can choose a short, 2 Inches sized Kit for stainless steel Sink, while long, 2.5 Inches is preferred for thick countertops like granite and marble.

No digging of holes

If you do not want to spend your time assessing a suitable size of Air Switch Kit and dig a hole for installation, Wireless Switch Kits are best for you. Though Wireless Switch Kits require electricity for their functioning, you can place the Control Switch anywhere within 30 meters distance of your setup indoors and 200 meters outdoors. It helps keep your children away from messing with the Switch.

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