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Garbage disposals do double duty; they meet both the demands of convenience and conservation. They grind and squash the leftovers or food waste so that one can send them down the drain instead of throwing them in the trash. This reduces the debris and odor.

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Garbage Disposals Buying Guide

Apart from convenience, throwing food waste down the drain is better than throwing them in landfills, as it can then emit harmful greenhouse gases. Using garbage disposal results in the food waste ending up in a wastewater treatment plant that is environment-friendly and better than composting. Garbage disposal with excellent ratings turns out the food particles small enough to slip through the sieves. This buying guide is going to cover everything one needs to know about buying a garbage disposal.

The right garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are of two types - continuous feed disposals and batch feed disposals. Both come with their advantages. The continuous feed disposals are more convenient to use as one can toss more trash inside even when it's running. They are more common and can be purchased at budget-friendly prices. The batch feed disposals require scraps to insert into, one batch at a time and then place a stopper over the drain to turn that on. These reduce the risks of injury, as they operate only when the drain is covered,

The power it needs

Garbage disposals come in various power ratings, mostly ranging between ⅓ hp to 1 hp. Generally, one would get a more efficient grinder as they go up in horsepower, but they'll have to pay more. A ⅓ hp garbage disposal won't be able to do the heavy-duty work, but it might be a good option for a vacation home. Garbage disposals with ½ or ¾ hp would be adequate for a typical home.

Features of garbage disposals

Garbage disposals have many features to consider. The Garbage disposals come with an anti-jamming feature that detects any form of jams and reverses the grinding table to loosen lodged food. The components are made out of stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity. The premium garbage disposals have multiple grinding stages and operate quietly, reducing any excess vibrations, while the basic disposals have only one grinding stage available.

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