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Musical instruments have the power to express infinite emotions. They fill the surroundings with all the endearing sounds. One such instrument which has been a delightful feature in Cuban & Latin American music is the guiro.

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Guiros are played by briskly or slowly scrapping the stick, called pua, along the parallel sides of the instrument. These percussion instruments seem to be simple to learn but to produce a variety of rhythms can be tricky. Therefore, it is essential to identify your playing needs first, to select the one that is best for you.

Factors to consider

One of the important factors while selecting the guiro is physical strength. The structural material used in making these little instruments ranges from gourd to wood, ceramic, bamboo & metals. Those looking for robust ones can go for the metallic instruments. If you are an amateur, then the traditional gourd guiro that comes with a wooden pua can be preferred. 

Certain other attributes 

Guiros can be played well by understanding the rhythm patterns properly as they are unpitched instruments. The stick made of light material produces higher pitch sounds, whereas the ones made of heavier elements make lighter sounds. After a decent time interval into your learning journey, it will be imperative to have multiple guiros to be able to achieve a variety of sounds. 

Guiros galore

Guiros are available in multiple shapes, such as frog guiros, crocodile & owl ones, which create original animal sounds. They can perfectly fit as a part of home decor as well. They are even ideal for gifting purposes, especially for children. As children can have fun playing with these adorable instruments & at the same time can also develop a flare to learn them professionally. Some have fancy carvings or paintings that are mainly used in folk music. The handmade guiros produce similar sounds with slight changes giving a unique feel. Alternatively, the machine-made ones generate uniform sounds.

Great way to build focus

These instruments cannot be stationed in one place. Hence both the hands are occupied while playing & that requires good co-ordination among them to generate the precise sound. While trying to achieve this, one also builds tremendous focus.

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