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A guitar is more than just a musical instrument for guitarists and players but is rather a prized possession. All instruments, including guitars, are somewhat delicate and need to be handled with care. We tend to stop at necessary measures like investing in a high-quality case or bag, but protecting a guitar is more than that. Strap locks are one such accessory, which helps keep the strap intact and tightly fixed to the strap buttons, avoiding any guitar damage.

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Guitar Strap Locks Buying Guide

Although straps can be easily attached to any kind of guitar, they are more popular among electronic guitarists. But it is quite likely for a strap to loosen up and fall off over time, causing damage or even destroying the guitar. And so, whether you’re a professional performer or casual at-home player and you use guitar straps, strap locks are highly essential. They keep straps secured to avoid any accidents and are also easy to install. But when browsing through guitar strap locks, buyers will come across many options, and choosing the right product requires some deliberation – which this guide will help with.

Types of Guitar Strap Locks

While the concept behind a guitar strap lock sounds simple, there is not one but several types of locks available for buyers. The traditional strap locks come with screws that require drilling tiny holes into your guitar, which, although a suitable option, comes with some amount of damage. But a great alternative to this is leather and silicone strap locks, which can be easily stretched out and placed over the strap button, eliminating the need to use any hardware. Buyers can even go for locks that include straps and get more with one product.

It Should Work for Your Guitar  

Even if of the same category, all guitars are built differently, and there are hardly any universal guitar strap locks. Checking the product specifications can help buyers determine whether a specific lock will work for their guitar or guitar model. However, a material like silicone is quite flexible and might be compatible with most guitars. A simple way to dodge this problem is by reading up reviews and ratings, as other buyers are likely to mention if the strap lock worked for them or not.

Good Material and Design

For flexible guitar strap locks that do not require any hardware for installation, there is not much material choice, as it mainly includes silicone. But when it comes to traditional locks, there are a few options like steel and copper. Both are strong enough to withstand a guitar’s weight, but high quality and corrosion-resistance are vital no matter what material you choose.  For design, a quick and easy release is essential for hassle-free installation and uninstallation. If going for a guitar strap lock with a ball-locking system, the ball should be able to rotate as much as possible without getting stuck.