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Percussion instruments refer to instruments that produce noise when shaken, hit or scraped on the sides. True to its name, hand percussion instruments require to be played by hand. Rooted in folk music, these instruments are an inadmissible part of cultures around the globe. From Latin to Indian, notes of these instruments form the backbone of folk music everywhere.

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Hand percussion instruments are increasing in popularity because they can be played easily and do not require much expertise, making it the perfect instruments to spice up and add a flair of fun to any party or event. Difficulty level for these instruments are low and hence they serve as the ideal instrument for kids to start on their musical journey.

Varieties galore

Hand percussion is a subcategory of the Percussion Instruments family but it is filled to the brim with varieties. From the more well-known tambourines and triangles to the more traditional African Djembe and Middle Eastern Doumbek, there is much to explore in this category. Tambourines, Triangles, Maracas and Bells form just the tip of the iceberg.

Types of materials

Wood, metal and plastic are the most common materials for hand percussion instruments to be made out of. Depending on the material used, instruments can have varying properties. Metal instruments provide a more high-pitched sound and reverb while wood instruments give off a tone that’s more deeper and richer. Plastic instruments are generally cheaper than the rest and are apt to be used as a beginner instrument to learn the basics before you move on to the next level.

Old is gold

Throughout the years as humanity delves deeper and deeper into modernity, music is a constant that has stayed with us, and hand percussion instruments are said to be the oldest musical instruments in the world. This means that there’s an endless list of instruments, spanning centuries, for you to try out. The Djembe of Africa, Cajon of Peru and Kanjira of India are just a few among the humongous family of traditional hand percussion musical instruments. The sounds created by these instruments are sure to make you feel more connected to your roots and appreciate culture more.

More than just music!

Given the long withstanding history of hand percussion instruments, it should come off as no surprise that these instruments are used for more than just music. Handbells are a part of wedding rituals in several cultures. The Tibetan Singing Bowl, Crystal Singing Bowls and several such instruments are used to aid in meditation and relaxation. These tools are widely used in sound therapy and are believed to have significant healing effects on your mind and body when used properly.

Some more things to keep in mind

It is important to pay heed to the size and fit of the instruments when purchasing one. Depending on the size of your hand, make sure to look for an instrument that will fit comfortably. Hand-held instruments need a strong grip so that they can be played for as long as you want without much fatigue on the arm. If you have joint pain or any such ailments in the arm, take care to look for an instrument that will not cause more stress to the joints as some instruments require to be held up to play. Shakers and singing bowls can be played without adding much stress to the joints.

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