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People tend to treasure memories more than anything in the world we're living in, and the photos we carry are not as strong as our feelings for them. Framing them increases their life and enhances the way they look, and the hand-made frames are of the highest quality, made to last long. This guide will help you get your ideal frame.

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Handmade Picture Frames Buying Guide

As time is passing by, people are also passing away. Photos are what we have to treasure in our memory forever. Framing them will increase their life and give them an aesthetic look. Handmade frames are of the highest quality material, made by the creator to last a life long. Framing the photos is a must-have task.

Keeping the space in mind

While selecting a handmade frame for the photo/artwork, one must keep in mind the place he/she will be placing the frame. It should be aligned with your decor to create a powerful impact on the other person. The size of the artwork will help you decide the parameters for the frame. The bedroom will have pretty short parameters as compared to parameters for the living room.

Different variants of frames

There are various variants of frames available in the market. The wooden frame is the most traditional, comes in three variants itself, solid wood, the most expensive and high maintenance one. MDF  and finger joint poplar is the more affordable and eco-friendly frame, made of leftover wood pieces. Then comes the metallic ones, Made of aluminum, colored yet molded in shape. They're also lightweight.

Different frame covers

Choosing a cover for your frame is a crucial point, as it will present your artwork. Glass and acrylic are the only two variants for frame cover. Glass is probably the most traditional frame of all. Also not as light as acrylic frames are. Acrylic covers are more durable than glass cover. Choosing the cover finish determines the way you want it to be. A clear finish gives you a clear-cut view. Anti-glare doesn't let your artwork get affected by really extreme light sources.

Other key points to keep in mind

Buying a custom frame in person/by going to a shop is the traditional option,  being costly in dollars and time, getting laid out all your options helps a lot. Online custom framing sites specialize in creating products that you won't usually get. It saves time and effort to go to the shop itself. Matting is a decorative line used on the frame to contrast with a color in the art piece and increase the elegance of the art piece.

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