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Nails are a crucial aspect or part of the hardware industry. They are used to secure various materials and objects together to keep them intact. They are widely used at construction sites and building different items for your house or any place in general. There are many types of hardware nails suitable for a specific task.

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Hardware Nails Buying Guide

Hardware nails have a slender metal shaft, flat at the top and pointed towards the bottom. This pointed edge assists the pin in attaching to the object easily. These parts are known as points, shank, and head. These nails majorly constitute of stainless steel, aluminum, iron, bronze, etc.

Types of nails purchasable

Five types of nails come in different sizes and properties to ease the process while performing a specific task. First, common nails or round head nails work broadly to join timber and other elements. Second, finishing nails have a small head as compared to common nails. Third, box nails are suitable for light construction work, and roofing nails have larger heads ideal for roofing and shingle purposes. Fourth, masonry nails have small heads and are thicker and more rigid. Lastly, double-headed nails are very versatile and easy to remove.

Some things to consider 

There are two significant factors to keep in mind while buying a hardware nail, I.e., material, and finishing. These factors assist you in selecting the right one for the required task or surface. Mostly, materials are of steel, which may come in contact with moisture and react. Zinc coated ones have some corrosion resistance. Black phosphate coated nails such as drywall nails are suitable for indoor applications. They come in other finishing to like paint, nickel plating, etc. are great for different surfaces and boost the nail's life.

Market Accessibility Factor

Hardware nails are a very universal and handy element in the construction process as they are readily available at offline and online stores. These stores are delivering different kinds and sizes of hardware nails. They are accessible in numerous numbers and sold in packs as they are necessary for our everyday lifestyles.