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The pollution level has increased a lot in many parts of the world. Many health problems have come into existence because of the low quality of the air today. People have got allergies because of the polluted atmosphere. These allergies can be treated with some specialized devices.

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Home Air Purifiers Buying Guide

A device called an air purifier had been developed to remove the contaminants from the air. These devices are now widely being used at homes to improve the air quality because people suffering from allergies, asthma, etc., are prone to affect their health adversely because of the polluted air.

Size of the room

The selection of a home air purifier primarily depends on the size of the room. There are four types available based on the size of a room. The first one is designed for small room size that is around 300 square feet, the second one is for medium-sized rooms around 700 square feet, the third one is for large rooms whose size fall in the range between 900 square feet to 2000 square feet, and the last one is meant for the whole house.

Different types of air purifiers

Various types of air purifiers are available in the market. The mechanical filter purifiers in which a fan is used to force the air to pass through a fiber web traps the pollutants. Next is the purifier with activated carbon filters, which uses activated carbon to absorb the air pollutants. The electronic air purifiers, which charge the air particles and the thick contaminants, stick to the charging plate

Noise level and maintenance

Noise pollution is also harmful, so make sure the cleaner you buy does not create much noise. The purifying device needs periodic maintenance to remain in working condition. The filters have a particular time after which they have to be cleaned or replaced.

Consider what not to buy

Apart from thinking about which cleaner to buy, it would help if you also focused on what not to buy. Please don't go with the purifiers that produce ozone because it acts as a lung irritant. Please do not buy an uncertified purifier. If the CADR rating is not mentioned on the purifier, then don't buy it.

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