Top 12 Honey Mustard Salad Dressings

Honey mustard salad dressing is one of the healthiest salad dressing as compared to that of the rest. The several health benefits in it and the perfect flavor makes your boring salad tasty. The salad dressing is a unique combination of honey, Dijon, vinegar, and oil, making your salad enjoyable.

Browse Best Honey Mustard Salad Dressings

Walden Farms, Dressing Cf Honey Dijon - 12 Oz (Pack of 2)

  • Brand Name: Walden Farms
  • Satisfaction Score: 89%
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 5 x 8 inches; 1.5 Pounds
  • Overall Score: 8.7
Store Website:

Skinny Girl Honey Dijon Fat Free Sugar Free Dressing 8oz (2 Pack)

  • Brand Name: Skinny Girl
  • Satisfaction Score: 90%
  • Dimensions: 9.37 x 6.42 x 3.58 inches; 2.47 Pounds
  • Overall Score: 8.5
Store Website:

Skinny Girl Honey Dijon Fat Free Sugar Free Dressing 8oz (4 Pack)

  • Brand Name: Skinny Girl
  • Satisfaction Score: 95%
  • Dimensions: 10.12 x 7.6 x 3.98 inches; 4.37 Pounds
  • Overall Score: 9.3
Store Website:

O'Charley's Honey Mustard Dressing, 32 Ounce (2 count) (Pack of 2)

  • Brand Name: O'Charleys.
  • Size Options: Pack of 2, Pack of 3, Pack of 4, Pack of 5, Pack of 6, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 2)
  • Satisfaction Score: 100%
  • Overall Score: 9.7
Store Website:

Skinnygirl Salad Dressing, Honey Dijon, 8 oz - PACK OF 2

  • Brand Name: Skinnygirl
  • Overall Score: 8.3
Store Website:

Newman's Own Honey Mustard Dressing - 16 oz - 2 Pack

  • Brand Name: Newman's Own
  • Satisfaction Score: 94%
  • Dimensions: 4 x 3.66 x 8 inches; 2.55 Pounds
  • Overall Score: 9.5
Store Website:

Simple Girl Organic Sweet Mustard Salad Dressing - 3 Bottles - 12oz - Sugar ...

  • Brand Name: Simple Girl
  • Size Options: 3 Bottles, 12 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), 12 Fl Oz (Pack of 2), 1 Bottle, 2 Bottles
  • Satisfaction Score: 79%
  • Dimensions: 8.66 x 6.89 x 2.32 inches; 2.72 Pounds
  • Overall Score: 7.9
Store Website:

Brianna's, Honey Mustard Dijon Dressing, 12 oz

  • Brand Name: Del Sol Food Company
  • Model Name: 41157
  • Satisfaction Score: 97%
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.5 x 7.5 inches; 1.35 Pounds
  • Overall Score: 9.3
Store Website:

Skinny Girl Honey Dijon Fat Free Sugar Free Dressing 8oz

  • Brand Name: Skinny Girl
  • Satisfaction Score: 91%
  • Dimensions: 10.3 x 3.8 x 2.2 inches; 1.1 Pounds
  • Overall Score: 8.3
Store Website:

Skinny Girl Honey Dijon Fat Free Sugar Free Dressing 8oz (3 Pack)

  • Brand Name: Skinny Girl
  • Satisfaction Score: 93%
  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 8.3 x 2.8 inches; 3.37 Pounds
  • Overall Score: 9.1
Store Website:

Appalachian Naturals, Dressing Wildflower Honey Dijon, 12 Fl Oz

  • Brand Name: Appalachian Naturals
  • Material Options: Gluten Free
  • Satisfaction Score: 89%
  • Dimensions: 7.7 x 2.45 x 2.4 inches; 12 Ounces
  • Overall Score: 8.3
Store Website:

Honey Mustard Salad Dressings Buying Guide

Salad dressings are essential as they help the eater retain the vegetables' nutrients in the salad. It is said that the amount of fats and oil added to the salad helps the consumer's body to absorb a more considerable amount of micronutrients that are essential for our body. The mustard prevents diseases like cancer and prevents aging, whereas honey heals the body from within.

Importance of dressing your salad

Buyers pay loads of attention to the vegetables and the combination of vegetables in their salad. People should understand the right combination of dressing and ingredients of the salad. Different components of a salad may taste good with additional dressing. Dressing not only adds flavor to the salad but also makes its appearance better. By changing the salad dressings, one can extract different tastes of the same kind of salad. The honey in the dressing adds a sweet taste to the salad, whereas the mustard and vinegar give it a spicy, tangy flavor.

What health benefits does it have?

The salad dressing is rich in omega-three fatty acids, which is good for the heart. Apart from it, buyers can also extract multiple nutrients such as selenium, fiber, magnesium, etc. The combination of honey and mustard acts as a binding agent between vinegar and olive, which improves the salad's texture. The dressing makes salad palatable for the little ones too. The tangy sauce can also be complimented well with chicken or other components of a meal. Honey in the dressing boosts our immunity and heals our body, whereas the mustard present is loaded with vitamins that strengthen our bones.

For how long does the honey mustard dressing last?

If the honey mustard salad dressing is homemade, it can be stored in the refrigerator for three weeks in a glass mason jar. Storing of the dressing makes it easy for individuals to pour and use as per their requirements. Buyers need to ensure to refrigerate the opened bottles of these dressings well to increase its shelf life. If stored under proper conditions, dressings are likely to last for six to nine months.