Top 12 Hose Fittings

Hose fittings are part of the hydraulics unit that connects the hose to other hose sections or components. The correct hose fittings provide fluid passage solutions for different types of equipment or applications. Hose fittings come in separate attachments as well as assembly lines. A variety of fittings are available based upon the compatibility of the fluid and surrounding environment.

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Breeze-62024H Power-Seal Stainless Steel Hose Clamp, Worm-Drive, SAE Size 24, ...

  • Brand Name: Breeze
  • Model Name: 62024H
  • Size Options: 1-1/16 inches, 1/2 inches, 1-5/16 inches, 1-7/8 inches, 1-9/16 inches and 9 other options.
  • Color Options: Stainless Steel
  • Material Options: Stainless Steel
  • Item Weight: 0.96 ounces
  • Satisfaction Score: 97%
  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.6 x 2.7 inches
  • Overall Score: 9.1
Store Website:

SUNGATOR 12-Pack Air Hose Fittings, 1/4″ Barb x 1/4″ NPT Male Pipe, ...

  • Brand Name: SUNGATOR
  • Size Options: 1/4" Hose x 1/4" NPT Male, 1/4" Hose x 1/8" NPT Male, 3/8" Hose x 1/4" NPT Male, 3/8" Hose x 3/8" NPT Male
  • Item Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Satisfaction Score: 98%
  • Dimensions: 5 x 3.45 x 0.75 inches
  • Overall Score: 9.3
Store Website:

Da by 2 pcs 1/4"(6mm) Brass Tee Barb Fittings for 1/4″ ID Hose,6 pcs ...

  • Brand Name: Da by
  • Model Name: 3WUF-DBUS-00A6
  • Size Options: 1/2", 1/4"(6mm), 3/8"(10mm), 5/16"(8mm)
  • Color Options: Barb Splicer, Tee Barb
  • Material Options: Brass
  • Satisfaction Score: 98%
  • Dimensions: 4.25 x 3.35 x 0.51 inches; 2.82 Ounces
  • Overall Score: 9.3
Store Website:

Hose Fittings Buying Guide

In hydraulics or plumbing fittings, most of the product choices depend upon the application. Different types of hose fittings are available to connect the hydraulic system with straight or complex joints. The construction and material specification of the hose fittings vary according to the requirement. The fittings also use the term couplings or connectors.

Hose and hose fittings

The use of a hose in a hydraulic setup is crucial. The hose fittings are a part of guiding the pipes and conveniently enable flexibility of components. There are various types of fittings whose classification originates from the application or size or threading. The main categories division of hose fittings includes pipe connectors and threaded fittings and couplings. Consumers can opt for reusable or permanent attachments. The expense for both settings varies in terms of usability. The permanent fittings cost less than the reusable ones.

Securing the hose over a fitting

The other plumbing equipment accessories accommodate hose clamps that secure a hose's stay over the fittings. The clamping of the hose prevents leakage at various connections. There are four categories of hose clamps such as band or spring type and wire and ear. Hose clamps are also applicable to the transportation of liquids or chemicals. Over tightening of hose clamps also lead to pressure problems in the hydraulic system. Heavy-duty band hose clamps are for high-pressure environments.

Highlighting characteristics of the fittings

The high-quality hose fittings work a long way. The hose clamps comprise stainless steel material. These are salt resistant and waterproof and oil proof. Hose fittings are usually robust and reliable owing to the final application in the plumbing or hydraulics sectors. Clamp assortment kits are known for their flexibility and ductility. It offers a wide range of adjustable fittings that are entirely appropriate for professionals or beginners alike. Most of the fittings' steel grades are favorable for the marine environment.

Hydraulic coupling equipment

The reusable coupling equipment improves productivity by connecting to the fluid power system. Couplers consist of two parts, i.e., plug and socket. The female part is the socket, and the other is the male half. The medium of the fluid and its essential characteristics like viscosity and corrosivity determine the type of coupling type. Brass fittings offer ductility at higher temperatures and low magnetic permeability. The material variety of hose barbs embody either brass, stainless steel, or aluminum. The low-cost products incorporate carbon steel alloy with a corrosion-resistant metal coating. Aluminum fittings are known for their lightweight construction.