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Having fine furniture for specific purposes and home decor is essential. An excellent buffet and hutch come with a combination of drawers with various open and closed shelves. It is not only ideal for storing but also helpful for showcasing beautiful platters and dishware. To choose the best one by size and suitability, you have to consider various factors.

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American Furniture Classics OS Home and Office Buffet and Hutch with Framed ...

  • Model Name: 25504
  • Item Weight: 92 pounds
  • Satisfaction Score: 92%
  • Dimensions: 16 x 29 x 71 inches
  • Overall Score: 8.3
Store Website:

Bush Furniture Cabot Hutch, 60W, Ash Gray

  • Brand Name: Bush Industries
  • Model Name: WC31231
  • Size Options: 60W, 47W, 72W
  • Color Options: Ash Gray, Espresso Oak, Harvest Cherry, Heather Gray, Natural Maple
  • Item Weight: 62.7 pounds
  • Satisfaction Score: 93%
  • Dimensions: 59.44 x 11.45 x 36.29 inches
  • Overall Score: 8.7
Store Website:

Bush Furniture Salinas Computer Desk with Hutch in Vintage Black

  • Brand Name: Bush Industries--DROPSHIP
  • Model Name: MY72708-03
  • Color Options: Antique White, Cape Cod Gray, Vintage Black
  • Department: Furniture
  • Item Weight: 115 pounds
  • Satisfaction Score: 89%
  • Dimensions: 47.16 x 23.18 x 62.87 inches
  • Overall Score: 8.5
Store Website:

Bush Furniture Key West Desktop Organizer in Bing Cherry

  • Brand Name: Bush Furniture
  • Model Name: KWS127BC-03
  • Size Options: 27W x 12D x 7H, 27W x 12.5D x 4H
  • Color Options: Bing Cherry, Pure White Oak, Washed Gray
  • Material Options: Wood
  • Item Weight: 19 pounds
  • Satisfaction Score: 94%
  • Dimensions: 26.81 x 12.5 x 4.17 inches
  • Overall Score: 9.1
Store Website:

OS Home and Office Framed Glass Doors and Drawer in Black kitchen buffet with ...

  • Model Name: 25604
  • Color Options: Black
  • Material Options: Engineered Wood
  • Item Weight: 92 pounds
  • Satisfaction Score: 93%
  • Dimensions: 15.75 x 29 x 70.25 inches
  • Overall Score: 8.7
Store Website:

Basicwise Wall Mounted Computer Cabinet Floating Hutch, White

  • Model Name: QI003676W
  • Color Options: White, Brown
  • Item Weight: 25.2 pounds
  • Satisfaction Score: 67%
  • Dimensions: 11.75 x 35.5 x 12.75 inches
  • Overall Score: 0
Store Website:

FITUEYES Floating Hutch Wall Mounted Open Shelf Media Console Rack Cabinet ...

  • Brand Name: FITUEYES
  • Color Options: Black
  • Satisfaction Score: 81%
  • Overall Score: 8.1
Store Website:

Sauder Office Port Hutch, Dark Alder finish

  • Model Name: 408364
  • Item Weight: 48 pounds
  • Satisfaction Score: 76%
  • Dimensions: 23.39 x 15.63 x 47.17 inches
  • Overall Score: 7.5
Store Website:

Designer Floating Hutch

  • Overall Score: 8.1
Store Website:

Sauder Clifford Place Library Hutch, Grand Walnut finish

  • Model Name: 421116
  • Material Options: Wood
  • Item Weight: 39.3 pounds
  • Satisfaction Score: 99%
  • Dimensions: 29.37 x 14.49 x 34.21 inches
  • Overall Score: 9.5
Store Website:

Hutches Buying Guide

Buffets and hutches are built with a unique style that goes well with modern and traditional interior. Hence, make sure the design you choose fits the contemporary setting well with classic elements. 60W hutch must be able to mount to either side of the computer. Ensure that the closed storage compartment has a transparent door that opens up when you lift it. The compartments will help the wonders to organize items and save the surface by keeping it clutter-free. The cable management system in the hutch will ensure to avoid the computer cords out of the way.

Consider the Location

If you want the hutch to be located in the corner, choosing an appropriate design plays a significant role. The open storage area must provide space for displaying books, photos, and other knick-knacks you would like to showcase, and choose the one with a wire management system that helps organize the computer cables. Consider a model with iconic and modern compartments that enable anyone to see the essential materials at a glance. This setting allows that the items will not tip over accidentally by kids or others, offering more reliable protection.

Design With a Solid Finish

A good finish for the hutch ensures an inspired room, whether it is a kitchen or living room. The pieces must be able to match the ideal dining set with chairs and furniture items. The sturdy materials will support all your things, which can accidentally tip over. The enhanced material must be substantial, depending on the quality you are looking for. A hutch has the potential to command attention as an accent piece in the room. Hence, it not only provides additional storage but also as a decor piece in your living space.

Dimensions and Style of The Hutch

Hutch is available in various sizes and styles to suit your specific needs. Made from a strong woodblock, an antique black color instantly draws attention in the festive season or when guests grace their presence. Choosing a large shelf goes a long way to keep essential things on display. The concealed storage doors can help keep the items that need to be tucked away from prying eyes.

Other Properties You Must Look Out For

If the hutch is enclosed with glass doors, it can be desirable to showcase your artwork or china dishes. The top half will make for an incredible cabinet grabbing attention from the guests. So, whether you want a wooden rack or glassware is up to your needs. The frame-like display with strong wooden shelves can give an antique feel to your home. Ultimately, what matters the most is whether you have space for storage and the hutch looks inviting in the living area for the guests.

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