Top 12 Lab Pipettes

Lab pipettes have always been an integral part of entire scientific experiments. They have brought convenience for the scientist to handle chemicals in the laboratory. Pipettes have also found use in various daily activities. Usually, lab pipettes are either glass or plastic, which have separate services in the laboratory, depending upon the chemicals and liquids used.

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Lab Pipettes Buying Guide

Various pipettes are being manufactured in recent times, making the selection process different for multiple uses. When pipettes work for household or regular practices, plastic or silicone pipettes are preferred due to their easy handling and easy to dispose of advantage after a few uses.

Types of Pipettes

Majorly lab pipettes are made of glass, plastic, and silicone. Borosilicate glass pipettes and polyethylene pipettes are the specific ones used. Plastic pipettes are also termed as disposable pipettes and also come in various colors for extra attraction.

Pipettes are also available in multiple shapes; some may have a narrow bottom while others come with a wide one, helping the user choose according to their necessity. Both the plastic and glass pipettes are available in various volumes, starting from 1ml capacity.

Uses of pipettes

Apart from laboratories, pipettes have a wide variety of applications in everyday life. Doctors use them as a convenient source for ear and eye drops. Parents often use lab pipettes to give medication and water to the newborn. Many times bodybuilding enthusiasts use it to measure the exact amount of calories that they are consuming. Science projects and experiments also require the use of pipettes regularly. Apparently, the most prolific use of pipettes has been in the laboratories for the accurate measurement and usage of liquids and chemical solutions.

What to look for in dropping pipette?

Understanding the requirements and the factors to look for is essential before making a purchase. Laboratories consist of a wide variety of lab pipettes, and borosilicate glass pipettes are used because of their ability to hold even boiling liquids required while performing various experiments. The pipettes with a rubber cork are preferred over the mouth pipettes, leaving behind the traditional methods used in experiments.

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