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Linear ball bearings usually use a bushing, pad, or a roller system, which helps to carry all the heavy lifting objects on a rail that may or may not be a straight line. Rails can be of any length; however, the dimensions are limited by an actuator.

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Linear Ball Bearings Buying Guide

Linear ball bearings have a sliding feature for the highest design potential. Along with these sliding features, there are many types of bearings, rails, and customizable combinations that provide the engineers with an extra edge to combine the best components and bring great ideas a reality. These ball bearings are generally used to coordinate digital 3D measuring equipment like precision equipment or unique machinery industry. This buying guide talks about the benefits and advantages of using linear ball bearings.

Benefits of linear ball bearings

The ball bearings are suitable for various electronic equipment or guide bars, pillars, and driveshaft. The bearing pillow blocks have a definite bearing capacity and can hold in a standard precision rack with strong adaptability. It has a smooth moving, high rigidity, low friction, and long working life. Linear bearings do not rust easily, have outstanding abrasion resistance, and provide high levels of strength.

Self-Lubricating feature

Suitable branded linear ball bearings are made with polymers for wear and tear resistance, filaments/fibers for reinforcements, and powerful lubrication facilities to independently lubricate the system reducing friction. When any movement occurs, a transfer of lubricant appears, reaching the micro-finish of the shaft.

Shock resistance

The sliding elements of the ball bearings are made of plastic, which makes the system highly resistant to impacts and strong shocks. Generally, these plastic elements are fixated with filaments and fibers, absorbing edge loads and high forces. They are much better than their metallic counterparts.

Quiet operation

The best part about linear ball bearings is that they operate, making minimal noise. As these systems work on a low friction plastic instead of working on steel balls, they generate minimal vibration and noise. Average noise generation ranges from 20 Db and less, making them up to four times quiet compared to their metallic counterparts.

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