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Medical cotton is one of the first-aid essentials that serve numerous purposes. It is the most common textile used in the medical industry all around the world. Cotton is used to treat wounds and physical problems, from the most minimal injuries to the most significant ones.

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Medical Cotton Buying Guide

Cotton comes from plant cotton. Humans use the seed and the bark of the root to make cotton wool and medicines. Cotton has many names- Gossypium hirsutum, Graine de Coton, cotton honeydew, and more. Cotton has a lot of features and properties that make it essential and valuable for the medical industry. Cotton is soft, hypoallergic, absorbent, and shows promising results when mixed with all forms of sterilizing components- steam, gamma radiation, ethylene oxide. There are many types of medical cotton available, and this buying guide will explain everything one needs to know before picking an ideal one for them.

Antiseptic properties of cotton

Medical cotton contains 70% isopropyl that prevents infections before the injections for medical purposes or exams. These cotton pads feature highly absorbant and soft construction that is excellent for any skin type, be it animals or humans. Medical cotton can be used in professional premises like hospice care, medical facilities, hospitals, or an excellent addition to a household first-aid kit.  

Individual wrapping and number of uses

Each box contains individually wrapped alcohol swabbed cotton pads to preserve the pristine quality and sterilization capabilities. Usually, they are covered in tinfoil so that the alcohol content inside does not dry up, making the cotton pads comfortable to use and extremely handy. If medical cotton pads are purchased for households, it is advised to buy a pack of 100 or less, whereas if it is for a medical facility, buy the boxes with over 100 cotton pads.

The many benefits of rubbing alcohol cotton pads

Medical cotton pads are soaked in alcohol, which has numerous benefits. It can be used to disinfect an insect bite after being bit, can be used after someone gets done with their body piercings as a disinfectant, it reduces body and clothing odor, can be used as a home deodorizer, and cleans hard surfaces.

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