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Medical exam gloves are mainly found in healthcare and medical facilities. With an ever-growing increase in demand for these gloves, these disposable gloves protect employers' and employees' hands from potentially harmful chemicals and bacterias that lurk around the medical buildings. It prevents cross-contamination and doesn't allow any germ to enter the body through the hands.

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Medical Exam Gloves Buying Guide

Medical gloves mainly consist of disposable ones that are only for a one-time usage purpose. These disposable gloves offer supreme levels of performance in a variety of applications. They provide a substantial barrier of protection lining along with excellent resistance from any harmful chemicals. There are many features and benefits that these medical exam gloves offer, and thus, it is vital to choose an ideal pair of gloves for use. This is a buying guide that explains everything that one needs to know about medical exam gloves.

Medical Vinyl gloves

These types of medical gloves are designed to handle blood contaminants, bodily fluids, or food servicing purposes and are latex-free, providing outstanding protection from blood-borne pathogens, infections, and diseases. They are crafted with a four mil thick PVC and give enough dexterity and control for equipment or needles. Vinyl gloves can also be used by emergency personnel, hospice or home care, elder care specialists, lab technicians, veterinarians, and dental professionals.

Medical Nitrile gloves

Medical nitrile gloves are another type of gloves that are perfect solutions for people who are sensitive to natural rubber and donning powder. It fits comfortably with its textured tip for outstanding tactile sensitivity and has a smooth finished beaded cuff for additional durability. Nitrile gloves conform to the shape of a user's hand that helps to provide a comfortable and snug fit. These gloves are used by tattoo artists, law enforcement professionals, physicians, and first responders, along with medical facilities.

Medical Latex gloves

These are professional grade gloves made using natural heavy-duty latex rubber, offering excellent tactile sensitivity for medical-grade puncture resistance and leading equipment handling. They are versatile and can be used in numerous professions- physicians, food vendors, painters, cleaners, hair coloring specialists, pet care, and home improvement.

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