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Due to the sudden attack by the covid-19 pandemic, we have seen drastic changes in our everyday lives. As the epidemic still rages on, buying a good set of medical face masks has become mandatory. The covers protect us from being potentially targeted by the virus and help us keep our loved ones safe.

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Medical Face Masks Buying Guide

Wearing a mask is extremely important for the one who has the disease or who is giving care for the patient. Depending on the usage, one can buy different types of medical masks to suit their needs. They can be, however, categorized into two significant categories offering various advantages. Caregivers often use surgical masks to protect themselves from contagious viruses. For personal usage, one can always go for respiratory equipment that offers personalized features.

Factors to look for

Buyers can benefit more from choosing the equipment that best suits their needs and complements their profession. Not everyone is looking for medical equipment for use in clinical environments. Hence, it is necessary to choose the face masks based on 'why' or 'how' they will be used. The medical equipment can be selected as either disposable or non-disposable. Surgical type masks are always disposable and are often preferred for safety by medical professionals. However, if buyers are looking for something that can be used for a long-time, then respiratory-type equipment is the best choice. As the only thing to be replaced is the breathing filter, the masks can be used without disposal.

Do you need a surgical mask?

Buyers must remember that surgical masks are disposable medical equipment. It only protects the wearer against the onslaught of infectious agents that are transmitted via droplets. When it comes to airborne viruses, the device offers less than no protection for its bearer. However, in healthcare units, surgical masks prevent the spread of contagious disease by the patients. These masks are best suited for a medical environment as most of the infections found are transmitted via droplets. The equipment also offers a waterproof layer that protects the wearer from the accidental spilling of biological fluids.

Why go for respiratory equipment?

Due to the current pandemic still going strong, it is necessary to protect against infection via droplets and airborne viruses. The respirator masks help protect the wearer against droplets, vapors, and gases that include dust and smoke. WHO has reported them to be useful for the prevention of the coronavirus. Buyers will benefit from adding the respirator masks to their search list if they are looking for something that will protect them from the pandemic. The added advantage of this equipment is that it is non-disposable and only requires the change of filter respirators.

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