Top 12 Mexican Cheeses

Bread and wine both find a mutual friend in cheese. Cheese has become a staple food in today's crowd. Not only it tastes good, but it complements the other flavors as well. This milk derivative is a legend as it has traveled worldwide and has created a niche globally.

Mexican Cheeses Buying Guide

Nothing can go wrong with the right cheese, but choosing the right one is a little tricky. Researching about cheese is not only a fun activity, but it also makes you a connoisseur in the culinary world. Here is a little help for you while selecting the dairy delight.

What to choose: cheese or a dip?

Most often than not, we confuse a cheese with a dip. Although the difference is a fine line, it still can not be ignored. A ready-made dip made of cheese is to accompany dry snack items like chips and nachos. Solid cheese is the one that we use in the recipe of many cuisines, and how you use the cheese depends on you and the delicacy you are preparing. Once you figure out what you want to use between a dip and a cheese, you can look into the variety.

What are the different kinds?

First, you will need to identify and differentiate between the different types of cheeses available in the market. Mexican cheese is very famous, but there are many in the market, from cotija derived from cow's milk to Queso fresco. Understanding the different types of cheese is essential to help you decide what cheese you will choose for a specific recipe. While Queso Fresco we generally use for guacamole or salads, its relative Queso Anejo complements the meat.

Favor of health and flavor

We can all agree that cheese might not be very healthy. The dairy product, rich in fats and flavors, is meant to bring out the taste and not the health. We can play around with many flavors in cheese according to our palate. Plant-based alternatives to the dairy derivative might be an excellent option to consider for the sake of a healthy vegan lifestyle.