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Needle roller bearings are some of the most crucial roller bearings out there. It uses small cylindrical rollers to reduce the friction of rotating surfaces. Compared to other rolling bearings, these bearings have a small cross-sectional height and significant load-bearing capacity, rigidity, and quality relative to their volume.

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Needle Roller Bearings Buying Guide

These assemblies use both the housing and the shaft as raceway surfaces. The roller’s cross-sectional thickness is small, approximately equal to the diameter of the needle rollers. Due to this bearing type having no inner or outer rings, the installation is much easier than others. Needle bearings are available in various types- thrust, radial, and much more. One needs to pick a particular needle bearing depending on their requirement. This is a buying guide that will explain everything one needs to know about needle roller bearings.

Needle roller and cage assembly

The small end of the connecting rods is subject to high impact loads and high-speed oscillation. In short, these bearings have a unique, light-weight, and high-strength design. Besides, the cage has a precision finished surface so that the assembly is going to maintain an ideal cage-riding clearance. The cage is made from a high tensile special steel, and the cage surface is hard. The guide surface is designed to be as long as possible, and the cage is bore-guided to minimize surface pressure.

Drawn-cup needle roller bearing

This bearing type consists of an outer ring, and needle rollers are drawn from a special thin steel plate using deep precision drawing and a cage that accurately guides the needle rollers. The drawn-cup bearing product comprises an outer ring formed through a precision deep-drawing process using a thin unique steel blank, cage, and needle rollers that guide the rollers. This bearing needs no axial clamping as it has an easy installation process and a press-fit around the housing.

Machined-ring needle roller bearings

The machine ring bearing type mainly includes machined components- an inner ring and outer ring, a cage, and needle rollers that guide the rollers. Here, the cage or needle rollers are guided by the side plate or rib of the outer ring. This way, the roller and the cage assembly are not separated from the ring’s outer side. When a user uses the shaft as a surface for a raceway, they might offer a variant without an inner ring. This roller bearing is best suited for a space-saving design due to the low section height and large load capacity.

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