Top 12 Novelty Lighting

Houses, in order to function, needs typically light during day and night. Whether it is in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or study, room lights are installed everywhere. Sometimes people get bored with this monotonous lifestyle and can get novelty lightings for a change, to give the old house a new look.

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Novelty Lighting Buying Guide

Novelty lightings come in a plethora of sizes, shapes, and colors. It becomes difficult for a buyer to choose from the lot, which can lead to investing in the wrong type of lights. Once applied in the room or to the house, the lightings give an aesthetic look, but the buyer should be well aware of certain necessary things for their safety. This buying guide will elaborate on those points.

Higher length and minimum power consumption

The strip LED lights should give the right length to ensure more excellent coverage of an area or different areas. The strip lights can either be 32.8 ft. long or 65.6 ft. The buyer can choose how much wires they want and where do they want to apply it. Nowadays, they have become waterproof, but the battery needs to be protected from water. The fully copper wired lights consume a lower amount of power hence reduces expenses.

Choose for an occasion

The lights should be bought according to the mood of a buyer. If it is a festive season or some guests visit, then the tea lights can be used as they are flameless and bring positive vibes. If it is a wedding party, birthday party, or other stage performances, then disco lights should be preferred. Whereas if a buyer wants a cozy ambiance, they should go for strip lights to bring happiness.

Smooth controller

In this era, everything is just a click away, so it is with these lights. Make them work as per the mood, change the colors, and get those lights that glow in the maximum number of colors like 16, 8, or 6. A remote will allow the users to change the mode of lighting from fading to slow etc. The wires need to be flexible enough to be cut and applied to a place quickly.

Additional points

The lights are technically very light- weighted and are easy to install. The buyer should check that the lights are not emitting heat, unsafe for kids and pets. It should not warm-up and has to remain cool only. The batteries should work up to 100 plus hours and has to be easy to change. The novelty lights should also offer protection from any short circuits.