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Every oscilloscope connection needs to be made using the probe devices of proper length and functionality. To connect your signal source to the input of an oscilloscope, one needs an appropriate oscilloscope probe device. The selection of probes depends on the measurement that you need for your connection. However, the connection can be made using the probe with the length of a wire, or one can go with a more sophisticated approach by using a differential probe with your oscilloscope.

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Hantek PP-200 1x 10x 200MHz Oscilloscope Clip Passive BNC Scope Clip Probe

  • Brand Name: Hantek
  • Model Name: PP-200
  • Size Options: Small
  • Color Options: Black, Gray
  • Satisfaction Score: 92%
  • Dimensions: 7.28 x 6.54 x 0.67 inches; 2.4 Ounces
  • Overall Score: 8.3
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Oscilloscope Probes Buying Guide

Know what you need

The number of probes you choose depends on your situation. If your requirement is of measuring individual DC voltage, then looking into a single-ended voltage probe will yield better results. However, for those buyers looking to work on NAND data lines, look no further than differential probes. They offer a high-speed connection for all SSD measurements. A piece of advice for the first-time buyer: look for a probe whose capacitance ranges within your scope. The compensation network of the probe can then be adjusted and fine-tuned.

What are your choices

The most commonly used probes will be passive probes. Remember that no active components like transistors or amplifiers are used along with these probes. Buyers looking to increase the voltage measurement range of the oscilloscope using an internal resistor will find that the attenuation probes do what they need. Buyers who would generally prefer to take high-speed measurements will find the Active probes to carry the load. As the active probes are externally powered, they can easily amplify the signals without using the circuit's power under test.

Some other factors to remember

While a buyer is trying to purchase an oscilloscope probe, it is worth remembering to measure both AC and DC currents; there is a much standard option available: the current probes. But new buyers need to keep in mind that the ferrite cores within the current probes are cut in half. The core must always be closed before you take the current readings. Remember the measurement you need before buying the probes, as unnecessarily long probe may result in inductance that causes signal dis-order. To measure high-speed signals and low-amplitude signals, a buyer must look at short probe wires to compensate for their oscilloscope.